Five Star Predictions: 2019 Release Edition

With all of the amazing 2019 releases to come, this fangirl will hopefully be giving out plenty of five star rating. Today I’ll be predicting my five star 2019 releases.

I’ve covered all of the books below in my 2019 most anticipated releases posts, but today I’ll be explaining why I think I’ll be rating these books to be 5 star reads and perhaps among my favorite reads of the year.

Last week, I shared my five star predictions for non-2019 books on my TBR.


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Five star prediction posts are some of my favorite blog posts to read- like Lauren’s of Bookmark Lit and BooktTube videos to watch- like Regan’s of PeruseProject.

As a life-long reader and book blogger, I’ve still haven’t exactly cracked the formula of what makes the perfect read for me. However, most of my five-star reads, regardless of the genre, can be rated as such for their 1) their un-put-downablility and 2) a premise that relates to my bookish & other interests AND delivers of course.

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