2020 5 Star Prediction Results 

Back in January, I went through my most anticipated 2020 releases and predicted which ones were the most likely to earn 5 stars in the Fangirl Fury star rating book. I’m actually surprised I only chose 6 books because I LOVED so many 2020 releases. In today’s post, I’ll be going back to those six books I predicted would be 5 star reads for me to see if I was correct about my predictions. I’m super content with my predictions, especially since the few books I weren’t so right about were SO close to being 5 star reads and still rank among my most enjoyed books of the year. 

My Correct Predictions 

We Are the Wildcats by Siobhan VivianWe Are the Wildcats was one of my most anticipated YA releases of 2020, and I’m so glad it delivered. I know this one has mixed reviews, but as a former field hockey player, I loved that the sport was the backdrop and the setting held so many relatable moments for me. However, you definitely don’t need to be a field hockey player or even into sports to enjoy this one. I just loved how We Are the Wildcats was really about each of the six girls it followed (trust me, the multiple perspectives WORKED) and had so many messages about feminism and what it means to be part of a team. 

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett – As one of my all-time favorite authors, it’s really no surprise that Jenn Bennett’s Chasing Lucky was indeed a five star read for me. I loved, LOVED the summer coastal town meets bookstore setting. Lucky and Josie’s romance was so sweet and mature, two elements that I tend to find and love across all of Jenn Bennett’s books. 

House of Earth & Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J. Maas – I read House of Earth & Blood between the last few days of my spring break and what we didn’t know at the time was the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. I really wish it didn’t turn out that way, but I was content staying home reading this 700+ page beast. I normally hate feeling that it’s taking me days on days to read one book, but I totally took my time reading House of Earth & Blood because there were so many details and I wanted to linger in Sarah J. Maas’ writing for as long as possible (which ultimately ended up being maybe a week total because I am the reader I am who needed to find out what happened next). As expected, House of Earth & Blood was definitely a 5 star read for me and I could so see myself giving every upcoming book in the Crescent City series 5 stars as well. 

Undercover Bromance (The Bromance Book Club #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams – Undercover Bromance wasn’t the most perfect contemporary romance I’ve ever read, but I did end giving it 5 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed it so much. I loved the balance between contemporary romance fluffiness and steam and its deep dive into more serious topics. This book also solidified the Russian as my favorite character in the series. 

My Not-So Correct Predictions 

10 Things I Hate About Pinky (Dimple & Rishi #3) by Sandhya Menon – 10 Things I Hate About Pinky was such a fun way to get back into the Dimpleverse. I loved Sandhya Menon’s play on the frenemies-turned-loves trope. I wanted a few more cameos from the other members of the Dimpleverse, especially since this is the last book in the companion series (for now).  I know I read a lot of books with the enemies-to-lovers trope, but some of the plot points and fall-out felt a little predictable to me. I gave 10 Things I Hate About Pinky 4.5/5 Stars. 

Majesty (American Royals #2) by Katherine McGee – I realize there’s only two books in this category, but I’m the most disappointed that Majesty wasn’t a 5 star read because I loved American Royals so much upon my first read and reread. I still loved being back in the world of the American monarchy with Majesty and did like the plot direction, especially when it came to Beatrice. However, I really, really hope there will be a third book because Majesty  fell into middle book syndrome for me (even as a the sole sequel!). Some of the bigger reveals and ending overall felt lackluster. I gave Majesty 4.5/5 stars. 

What were some of your 5 star reads in 2020? Do you predict what will be your favorite reads of the year? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Share in the comments! 

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