COMEDY & MORE: Favorite 2018 TV & Movies

While the most amount of books that I’ve ever read in one year, 2018 has been a year where I’ve also felt that I turned to TV and movies more than usual. To be considered a 2018 favorite, the TV show or movie had to come out or have new episodes this year. However, because catching up with ALL the shows & movies are just as difficult as keeping up with all the new shiny book releases, I do have some honorable mentions that didn’t come this year.



Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1-S5 (FOX/NBC)- I’m only slightly cheating with Brooklyn Nine-Nine here because Season 5 did air in 2018 and I did catch up on the first four seasons in time to watch S5 on air. B99 filled in the Parks & Recreation hole in my heart that I didn’t know needed to be fixed. This show is just so freaking funny and gets better and better with every season. I am so happy for S6 to premiere on NBC (!!) on January 10, 2019.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S1 & S2 (Amazon Prime)- Again only a little cheating here, since S1 aired in 2017 and while S2 aired in 2018. I started The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on a whim this summer. It’s one of the shows you don’t realize how much you love until you realize you binge-watched it in three days and then feel like you need the next season NOW. While it is quite different than Gilmore Girls, you can find very similar GG touches by Amy Sherman Palladino in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


Dynasty S1 & S2 (CW)- One always needs some cheesy TV in their life and the CW always come to the rescue for me. This year it was Dynasty, the reboot of a 1980s soap opeara, featuring Elizabeth Gillies. Dynasty has a ton of drama and a tons of episode for me to binge-watch, courtesy of Netflix.

Outdaughtered S4 (TLC)- I’m a huge fan of homey reality TV shows, with my favorite for 2018 being Outdaughtered. Outdaughtered follows a Texas family who has America’s first set of all-female quintuplets. This show is just so hilariously adorable and I need more in 2019 please.

Sugar Rush (Netflix)- I love being able to cozy up with a good baking show at home, and I wanted to have the same feeling at school. Sugar Rush is a fun & unique take on typical competition baking, and it definitely inspired some weekend baking of my own.

The Bold Type S2 (Freeform)- The Bold Type is easily Freeform’s best show, following three best friends working in the magazine and journalism world in NYC. I especially loved the S2 finale (yay Sutton!) and I’m a bit sad that S3 may be its last.



To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix)- Like many of my fellow book nerds, there’s no denying that the film adaptation of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was my favorite 2018 film. The TATBILB series is one of my all-time favorite book series and I am beyond happy with how this book translated on to screen. I also got to see Peter K on this big screen, being lucky enough to attend an advance screening!

A Star is Born (WB)- With Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as its stars, I think I went into A Star is Born with high expectations, but this movie totally delivered! I’m even more obsessed with the soundtrack!


Honorable Mentions:

Friday Night Lights (NBC/Amazon Prime)- While I am a sports person, I admit that the last show I expected to fall in love with this year was Friday Night Lights. I was in need of a new show to watch easily at school and decided to give FNL a go. FNL is a show that I just didn’t want to  be over, and while much of the show is about small-town Texas life, I’m so proud of how much I’ve learned about football!

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 1 (Hulu)- Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the best books that I ever read for school, and I really enjoyed the first season of its Hulu adaptation. I felt it stayed close enough to the book while adding different content that overall made sense. I have started season 2, however, I’m just not as it into as S1.


Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Netflix)- Again give me ALL the baking shows (and a second season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts, please).

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1 (Netflix)- Even though it’s quite different from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I enjoyed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina much more than expected, considering how disappointed I’ve been by Riverdale.

The Good Place S1-S2 (NBC)- While I don’t get the same feels as I do while watching Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place is another great comedy. I really appreciate its complexity AND phenomenal cast. I can’t really speak to S3 too much, since I’ve only seen the first three episodes, but I love Adam Scott as a recurring character.


Mona Lisa Smile – I’m a huge fan of ’80s & ’90s movies/ basically any “throwback” starring Julia Roberts. While its from the early 2000s, Mona Lisa Smile totally stole my heart this past spring, as the movie follows an art history professor at an all-girls college who tries to show her students there’s more to life than finding the perfect guy.

Ocean’s Eight– As a big fan of Ocean’s Eleven, this female-led adaptation made my movie heart so happy. While it wasn’t 100% perfect, I loved Ocean’s Eight cast so much and I wouldn’t mind its own trilogy.

The Greatest Showman– So I was (a month) late to 2017’s The Greatest Showman, seeing it in theaters back in January. I’m still 100% obsessed with its soundtrack and you better believe I bought it on DVD for all the rewatches.



What are you favorite 2018 TV shows and movies? Share in the comments!


Summary: As the younger sister of the former Miss Mississippi and reality TV show star of Prince in Disguise, life feels real enough for Dylan. But since Dusty’s wedding to Scottish laird-to-be, Ronan, is going to be aired on the show, maid of honor and camera-shy Dylan finds herself in front of the camera as well. As she is whisked off to Scotland to film the lead-up to the big day, Dylan begins to discover that the show’s producers has even more surprises in store, including family secrets, long-lost relatives, and Dusty’s future-mother-in-law who decidedly doesn’t think Dylan’s sister is good enough for her son. At least Dylan has Jamie, an adorably bookish groomsmen, to relieve some of her stress… unless the show plans on making Dylan her own reality TV sensation.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


 My Thoughts:

 Before reading Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Love à la Mode (one of my most anticipated 2018 releases), I wanted to read one of her other books. Enter Prince in Disguise, a book definitely on trend with royal and even pageantry-themed books in YA (see Rachel Hawkin’s Prince Charming and Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’) – two tropes that I tend to love as well! Prince in Disguise combines royalty and pageantry, along with reality TV!!), as Dylan’s Mississippi beauty queen and reality TV costar of a sister, Dusty, prepares to marry Scottish laird-to-be Ronan.

In short, I absolutely loved Prince in Disguise! It’s such a fun and all-around adorable read THAT ALSO HAPPENS TO TAKE PLACE AT CHRISTMAS! WHICH IF YOU CAN’T TELL, I DIDN’T KNOW GOING IN AND VERY HAPPY ABOUT! I tend to prioritize holiday-themed books in November and December, so the fact that my first read of December dealt took place around Christmas should’ve been the first sign that I would love this book. Not to mention that it also takes place in Scotland, further more proving the point that snowy Scotland during Christmas makes for the cutest contemporary setting (at least TRC, the company producing Dusty’s show, would agree).

Dylan was such a funny and charming main character and narrator. Although the book does delve into her relationship with Jamie, one of the most cute, British, book-loving love interests that you’ll ever meet, it does follow much of her relationship with her family and her role in the Prince in Disguise reality TV show. Dylan, as maybe expected, is quite camera shy and must learn how to deal with the spotlight in order to make her sister’s special day as perfect as possible. In addition, I really appreciated her well-built relationships with her mom and Dusty. While I expected Dusty to be this over-the-top beauty queen, she was much more down-to-earth and had a few heart-to-heart moments with her young sister (while of course wearing the latest and most pink designer clothes). I also enjoyed Dylan’s humor, which of course included ALL the Frozen references:

“Ronan revealed he was secretly a lord, and then he dropped to one knee and proposed to my sister. See? Ronan seemed nice, but he was probably insane. You don’t marry someone you just met. Did they have not have Frozen in Scotland?”

Going back to Dylan and Jamie’s relationship, I really enjoyed how they discover feelings for each other almost immediately from the start. Although the book only takes place over four weeks, I love how we get to see their relationship develop while also acknowledging that their time together is short (even though I would’ve made room in my carry-on back to the US for Jamie). The two just also do the most wintery (and cute) activities together, from carriage rides to baking to traveling through all the hidden passageways in Ronan’s estate.

Overall, I loved Prince in Disguise for its sweet romance and humor, as well as the focus on family and its Christmas-in-Scotland setting. I can’t wait to dive into Love à la Mode and Stephanie’s other books!

Have you read Prince in Disguise? What holiday reads are on your TBR? Share in the comments!

My Harry Potter Story

Blame it on the holiday season for making me crave Hogwarts and butterbeer. Like many readers, I crave cozy reads during Christmas time, and Harry Potter happens be one of the most atmospheric choices. Since 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, today I’m going to be talking about my experience with the Harry Potter series and franchise.


I was not the biggest Potterhead growing up. Looking back, this sort’ve surprises me, considering that it was my mom who first fell in love with the series and made sure to get each book upon their respective release. This is a HUGE deal for my mom, who is not only an avid reader, but an avid library user (AKA she rarely buys books). One of my best friends is also a huge fan of the series—she reread it at least thirteen times- and I was a bit envious of her Hermione Halloween costume one year. It came with a wand- I think this was before Universal opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and having a wand wasn’t that usual. 

However, I read at least the first four books when I was about nine or ten years old, but I think I stopped while reading Order of the Phoenix. I don’t know what exactly caused me to stop reading it. I think it might’ve been partially due to the fact that I didn’t really read fantasy as a kid, other than Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy. It’s definitely a bit shocking now, considering that Order of the Phoenix is in my top three favorite HP books. I also saw Goblet of Fire in theaters, so looking back, I am happy to say that I saw at least one during its release.


Flash forward to the summer before my senior year of high school. I think I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but I spent a lot of time following the online book community during my junior and senior year. I discovered Booktube in 2015, and I started consistently reading book blogs. Thanks to Glee, my biggest celeb crush in my middle school and high school days just happened to be Darren Criss, which of course meant endlessly watching StarKid’s A Very Potter Musical. Between the fact that some of my closet friends were HP fans, the obvious love for HP online, and yes Darren Criss, I decided to give the books a try and start off where I left off with Order of the Phoenix. Fast forward to two weeks later, having finished reading Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows. I actually finished reading Deathly Hallows in less than two days!

I don’t know what stuck with me as a sixteen-year old that didn’t as a ten year old, but rereading the last series of the books made me fall in love with Harry Potter. Perhaps it’s that as each book goes, Harry and co. deals with darker and more mature storylines that I was able to relate to more.Yes, I am that person who loves Order of Phoenix and NO , Harry is not just an angsty teen.  After reading the last three books, I went back and read the first four books again– because this reading order obviously makes sense, right?Overall, these books are just so incredibly built and filled with characters that you just easily fall in love (enter my new crush on Neville Longbottom/ Matthew Lewis).


Since ‘rereading’ Harry Potter: 

-Bonded with my HP loving friends and my sister, who read the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets in school. Why was this not a thing when I was in the fifth grade?? She went on to read the rest of the series and owns the paperback versions whose spines make Hogwarts

-Claimed my mom’s first-edition US hardbacks as my own (I promise I let her borrow them whenever she wants)

-Proudly declared myself as Hufflepuff (even though I took the Pottermore Sorting Quiz four times to make sure I really was one…)

-Both book & movie, the scene with the resurrection stone in Deathly Hallows makes me cry EVERYTIME

-Attend the Harry Potter & the Cursed Child release party with my HP-loving best friend. While I am not the biggest Cursed Child fan, I am happy to say that I’ve attend a HP midnight release party.

-I own 10 Harry Potter Funkos

-Went to the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets symphony show

-Went to a HP trivia night at my school. My team lost, but we were pretty proud of our name, Dobby’s Socks


HP Things I’m hoping to do:

–  Cursed Child on Broadway. This isn’t a must-do for me, since I wasn’t a huge fan of the play. However, I’ve heard that it’s much-better performed and I would love to see how the magic works.

-Visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando

-Attend the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

-Collect more of Alex and Ani’s HP-inspired jewelry. I really like their HP earrings and bracelets


I think it’s safe to say that Harry Potter will always be a part of my life, and I appreciate that every generation will get to experience HP in some way. I love Brian Seltznick’s 20th anniversary covers (I have a poster that connects all covers and the 20th anniversary tote bag) and I really love the illustrated editions. They’re so detailed and they’re a great way to get kids into HP even at a younger age. And please keep giving me ALL the HP Funkos.


Are you a HP fan? What have been some of your HP experiences? Share in the comments!


My Favorite Holiday Movies & TV and Christmas Watchlist

One of my things to do in December is rewatching my favorite Christmas movies or holiday-themed TV episodes. With plenty of hot chocolate and popcorn for company. Today I’m going to be discussing my favorite holiday movies and TV, along with *gasp* some I still haven’t seen.



Love Actually– I love movies that follow multiple storylines that somehow all connect at the end (hello New Year’s Eve and What to Expect When You’re Expecting), and Love Actually is absolutely classic. I’m so happy that it’s been on Netflix for all of the rewatching glory, and I may have bought it on DVD for a Secret Santa gift. Basically, it’s my goal in life to get everyone to love this movie.

Home Alone & Home Alone 2 You’ll probably begin to realize that I have a thing for ‘90s and 2000s movies (I have a love/hate relationship with many of today’s fluffy Christmas movies). Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (let’s not talk about the other sequels) are from of my favorite Christmas movies from my childhood. I can easily watch these anytime of year.

Arthur Christmas– I love animated movies, so I have notshame in saying that I loved and watched Arthur Christmas as an eighteen-year old when I first watched it two Christmases ago. As Santa’s very festive son, Arthur is just so flipping cute and this movie overall is just so heartwarming.



The Santa Clause & The Santa Clause 2– Speaking of Santa Claus, The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2 are another two of my childhood favorites. My family has a tradition of watching them on Christmas Ever every year (we watch A Christmas Story while we decorate our tree).

Gremlins– Definitely getting away from those cozy Christmas feels, but Gremlins is just such a fun (and jump scary) movie. Plus how could you not love Gizmo??



Elf – I totally agree with the fact that Elf is considered to that the best Christmas film of the century and that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

The Princess Switch– As I mentioned above, I’m not the biggest fan of fluffy Christmas movies (aka Hallmark specials or as much as I appreciate book to movie adaptations, those based on Harlequin romances). However, The Princess Switch took me for surprise.  just really loved Vanessa Hudgens as its star, and most of the humor was cute instead of cringe-worthy.


Glee S2 “A Very Glee Christmas” and S3 E9 “Extraordinary Christmas”– While I love  the music from all the Glee Christmas specials, I also just genuinely loved Season 2 and 3’s specials as episodes themselves. While nothing too significantly happened in either of them, I always loved Rachel and Finn’s moments. The S2 Christmas album is definitely my favorite.

Full House S6 E12 “A Very Tanner Christmas”- Full House has three Christmas episodes, but “A Very Tanner Christmas” has always been my favorite. I love the scene with the Santas at the Tanner Christmas party- another moment where DJ and Steve stole my heart- and the snow scene in the backyard.



Parks & Recreation S5 E9 “Ron and Diane”– “Ron and Diane” is one of my all time favorite Parks and Rec episodes. The episode follows Ron receiving an award with Leslie, Diane, and Tammy at the ceremony, while the rest of the characters go to Jerry’s Christmas party. I think my favorite part is Andy realizing that Santa has made an appearance at Jerry’s party.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3 E “Yippie Kayak”- Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Christmas special is one of my favorite episodes, and its Die Hard (another Christmas movie I like!) situation makes it all the more funnier.

My To-Watch List

A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding– Netflix’s A Christmas Prince is another fluffy Christmas movie I actually enjoyed, so of course I have to watch the sequel!

The Family Stone – Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my favorite actresses, so I’m looking forward to watching it.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Holiday Special– As someone who has been really disappointed by Riverdale, I enjoyed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a lot more than I expected. I’m excited to see where the series goes with its holiday special on December 14.




What are some of your favorite Christmas movies and episodes? Share in the comments!

Holiday Review: Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

Summary: For the first time in years, the entire Birch family will be under roof for Christmas. And it’s only slightly because they have to. Andrew and Emily’s daughter, Olivia, who is often off saving the world, is forced to stay in quarantine for a week after treating an epidemic abroad… and her family should stay in quarantine too. For the next seven days, the Birches will be cut off from humanity- including decent Wi-Fi, in their aging country estate. While younger daughter Phoebe focuses on her upcoming wedding, Olivia struggles to accumulate herself into her family’s life, especially as Andrew and Emily hide their own secrets.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars


My Thoughts:

This Christmas fangirl-yes that’s totally a thing- is always looking for holiday or Christmas-themed books to read during the holiday season. Enter Seven Days of Us, a holiday contemporary taking place in the UK. Seven Days of Us is the perfect read for a cozy night, featuring plenty of blankets and hot chocolate, for the holidays.

Seven Days of Us is a third person multi-POV story, following each of the Birch family members’ experiences being quarantined together over a week. The book is broken down into sections, labeling each day the family spends together.. Call it oldest-daughter syndrome, but I enjoyed Olivia’s perspective the most. Although she struggled, I liked seeing her transition back into the everyday and her family’s life. She also had the most complicated relationships with each of her parents. I also liked Phoebe’s perspective, as she was much more down to earth than I expected.

My favorite element of Seven Days of Us was seeing the Birches’ relationships develop over the course of the novel. Their development fit the rhythm of most Christmas-themed movies and books—and I definitely wouldn’t mind a Seven Days of Us adaptation. In addition, it might be because of the cover, but I kept picturing the Birches’ Weyfield Hall as a fancier and BIGGER version of the house from Home Alone!

While Seven Days of Us should definitely be considered a Christmas-themed read, I wish there was more Christmas! The holiday season more so acts as a background for the book, as the Birches decide to quarantine with Olivia because of the holiday. The family does decorate their tree and put stockings together with one another, but I guess I was expecting a few more holidays elements? Would Santa be allowed to visit their quarantine??

Overall, I enjoyed Seven Days of Us for its family-centric story, although I wish there would have been a few more holiday elements.

Have you read Seven Days of Us? What holiday books are on your TBR? Share in the comments!

Crazy Rich Asians: Book Vs. Movie

2018 has been filled with some pretty amazing book to movie adaptations, and Crazy Rich Asians is no exception. Me being the fangirl that I am, I had to read the book before I saw the movie. I obviously loved both book and film, but today I’m going to be discussing which bookish or movie elements I liked better, and whether book or movie is the ultimate Crazy Rich Asians winner in my fangirl heart.

Laugh-out-loud funny: BOTH

Both book & movie are absolutely hilarious. Book-wise, so much of the humor comes from ALL the characters’ dialogue and he ridiculousness of their lives. The movie is again laugh-out-loud funny, my favorite characters being Oliver and Peik Lin.

Family’s Character Development: BOOK

I loved how the book jumped from perspective to perspective, allowing the reader to get to know so much of the Young clan. While their depiction was spot-on in the movie, I wish we got to spend more time with Astrid, Eleanor, and even Eddie’s family. Also, where was Nick’s dad?

Rachel’s Development Character: MOVIE

The movie spends much more time with Rachel and Nick than the book, as the book more so follows his family’s reactions to Rachel and their own storylines. Played by Costance Wu, Rachel was a strong female protagonist, with tons of humor of her own. I also like how the movie showed a bit more of Rachel’s professor side, and I loved the addition of her study on game theory.


Best Peik Lin: MOVIE

Peik Lin, played by Awkwafina, was even funnier on screen. Her family was even more ridiculous than I could have imagined (what else could you expect from Ken Jeong as her dad?).

My Jealously over Astrid’s jewelry collection: BOTH

Seriously, I need Astrid’s earrings and wardrobe ASAP.

The wedding ceremony: MOVIE

Colin and Araminta’s wedding was absolutely stunning, and its beauty made Rachel and Nick’s moment all the more sweeter.

The wedding reception: BOOK

Sorry movie, but I was so much more impressed with the wedding’s weekend long events in the film. I wanted more drama with Kitty, although one aspect involving Kitty and someone who is not Alistair have a funny moment.

Food: BOTH

Crazy Rich Asians overall just made me hungry, between Nick and Rachel’s adventures exploring Singapore’s food stalls and the lavish dinners at Ama’s house.

Winner:  BOOK

Even with its 500+ page length, Crazy Rich Asians just completed sucked me in its glitzy and funny story. The ride isn’t even over yet, with China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems on my TBR.

However, I was really impressed with Crazy Rich Asians not only as an adaptation, but also as a movie itself! It really helped me visualize the book’s world. People who have no interest in reading the book would still absolutely love this film. Although its ending is slightly altered from the book’s, does the book trilogy mean were going to get two more movies??

Have you read or watched Crazy Rich Asians? Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments!