Top Five Wednesday: 2018 Meets 2019 TBR

Keeping up with every amazing book release definitely isn’t easy. While I’d love to read ALL the books, I acutally like keeping some books on my TBR for a bit longer so I have books that I’m super excited to read.

Today I’ll discussing the top five 2018 releases on my TBR that I’d love to get to in 2019.


Catwoman: Soulseeker by Sarah J. Maas– I will read ANYTHING Sarah J. Maas writes, and while I really don’t know too much about Catwoman, I’m excited to read SJM’s take on the DC world.

My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie– My love for Eliza Hamilton and the world of Hamilton books will continue to be non-stop in 2019.

Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes– I’m mostly interested in reading Little White Lies because it takes place in modern day debutante season! I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a charming, Southern-style read in their life.

Royals/ Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins – Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Prince in Disguise has made me crave more books about royalty, like Rachel Hawkin’s Prince Charming, originally titled Royals. Am I a book hipster now because I own the Royals original hardcover??

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik– I mostly didn’t read Spinning Silver in 2018 because I really want to read Uprooted beforehand (even though I’ve been told that it’s not necessary). Naomi Novik seems like such a fantasy queen, and I think I’ll really enjoy her writing.

Top 5 Wednesday is a collaborative group of book bloggers from various platforms who love sharing lists on Wednesdays. The T5W group can be found here on Goodreads.


What 2018 releases do you want to read in 2019? Share in the comments!

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