Funko Wishlist & Collection Part 2

One of my new-to-me fandoms in 2020 has been Star Wars. Star Wars has always been a fandom I’ve really admired, but had never really tried getting into… until my family got Disney+ and my mom and I decided to watch the original trilogy on Christmas. Since then, I’ve completed the original and prequel trilogies and The Mandalorian, and I have started the new sequel trilogy- all I have left is The Rise of Skywalker. That being said, I’ve been looking into Star Wars merch, which of course includes Funko Pops!

IMG_4168As I’m writing this post, I just realized that I haven’t really done any sort of Funko collection update or wishlist since 2018! Since then, I’ve only added four new Funkos: the 2018 San Diego Exclusive Nearly Headless Nick, Luna Lovegood with her Gryffindor Hat, Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter (With Prophecy) and Herbology Hermione Granger (holding the mandrake). This Luna Lovegood was on my original wishlist and was a harder find – I think Barnes and Noble finally had it online in stock about two years ago and I knew it would be one of my few chances at getting it. I had also always wanted a Hermione Granger for my collection and the mandrake version was just so cute to pass up!

While I’d still like to add some of the Funko Pops from my original wishlist to my collection, here are a few more that I would love to grace my bookshelves.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda (Star Wars) – Funko is releasing more Star Wars Funkos for The Mandalorian and for the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back. I know I want some sort of Yoda inspired Funko for my collection and I really love this one of him and Luke.


Han Solo (Star Wars) – The original Star Wars Funkos are almost impossible to find other than eBay. I’m actually not too crazy about the originals because they were based on Funko’s old design. Han Solo is my favorite character from the original trilogy. I would consider adding the original Han Solo to my collection (for a reasonable price), but I also do like the Solo version of him.

Lara Jean and Peter K. (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)- So as I’m writing this post, I was going through Funko’s blog and just made the life-alternating discovery THAT THERE ARE FUNKO POPS FOR TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE!?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THERE WERE GOING TO FUNKOS FOR MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SERIES???


I’ve always wanted more book-inspired Funkos, and this is such a perfect combination of my love for books and Funkos. And here’s another update: Lara Jean has been ordered!

Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)- I’ve calmed down a bit with the Harry Potter Funkos, but I definitely have my eye on the ECCC 2020 exclusive Tonks.


Luna Lovegood with Glasses (Harry Potter)- It wouldn’t be a true Funko wishlist without at least one other impossible/super expensive wish. I’m still mad at myself for at least trying to get the Luna Lovegood with her glasses SDCC 2017 exclusive– I did however get B&N’s HP on a Broomstick though. This is another case where I can’t see myself buying it unless the price significantly drops – its retail value is $85, but is currently $180 on Amazon.



Do you collect Funkos? Do you have any of the ones I mentioned? What Funkos are on your wishlist? Share in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Funko Wishlist & Collection Part 2


    I recently ordered Tonks (she should be in soon) she is just sO CUTE.

    I also might get Ian Lightfoot from Onward???????

    I love Star Wars (one of my first fandoms) yet I don’t actually have a star wars funko pop xD. I might get Ben Solo or Palpatine if they come out with them. (the palpatine ones that they have aren’t exactly what I’m looking for, unfortunately. I would love it if they came out with Senator Palpatine!)

    Also, there’s Vincent Van Gogh, Gilderoy Lockhart, MJ (far from home) Esmerlada and Quasimodo on my list but I probably won’t get any of them soon xD


    Sorry, I just really like funko pops hence the long comment xD

    I hope you have the March of your dreams!

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    • I love your wishlist so much!!! I would also love a Ben Solo pop- I’m hoping they’ll do some sort of out the vault one for him because it is so hard to find a Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren Pop without his mask on. I would so add another HP Funko Pop to my collection if they did Percy too!

      Thank you so much for your comment, I love it! I hope you have a great & relaxing month as well!

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