“Riverdale Talk”, Episode 9 :La Grande Illusion

Episode Synopsis: It’s the Blossoms’ annual maple syrup ceremony, and some other red head has to accompany Cheryl if Jason can’t, right? With some incentives set out by Mrs. Blossom, Archie is Cheryl’s date for the event, even though it might be more than he bargained for. Polly and Mrs.Cooper look for a way to get Polly to return to the Cooper household, while Veronica helps a classmate who’s going through a rough time at home.

My Thoughts:

Archie’s a major part of this storyline, whaattt?

It’s definitely been awhile since Archie was in one of the episode’s major arches. One of the few things I liked in this episode was seeing him come back into focus.

Okay Veronica, purging your closet isn’t going to help Ethel/Barb that much

Haven’t we figured out by now that clothes can’t change the fact that your daddy put people into a lot of debt?

Not melodramatic at all, Mrs.Cooper. Let’s throw one more brick at the family business, shall we?

This whole Archie and Cheryl take on the Blossom corporation and the world together isn’t going to happen

And I was right

Is Riverdale that big of a town for this money scheme?

I realize Hermione grew up in Riverdale, but how did her husband become so invested into this town’s livelihood?  

My Rating: 2/5 stars. Coming off of the high that was last week’s episode, I had big expectations for this week. I was disappointed because “La Grande Illusion” just felt so melodramatic, and it really just moved along some plot lines and open up a few news ones. While it’s interesting to think about how complex Jason’s murder could be, the overall storyline over his death is starting to rely on more outside information.

What are your “Riverdale” thoughts? Comment below!

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