Dear Evan Hansen & Fandom Love: What If It’s Us Review

Summary: Arthur is only in New York City for the summer, but if he’s learned one thing from Broadway, it’s that the universe can deliver an unexpected romance anytime, any day. Meanwhile, Ben thinks the universe needs to mind its own business. Besides, he needs to worry about getting the box of his ex-boyfriend’s things to the post office. But when Ben and Arthur meet-cute at the post office, they learn that the universe has more in store for the two of them than they could have ever imagined.

My Rating: 4.5/ 5 Stars


My Thoughts:

You had me at Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. But a book written by a YA queen and king with many nods to Dear Evan Hansen (and Hamilton and Harry Potter) sounds even better! Before getting really started, in short, Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera’s upcoming release, What If It’s Us, is the YA contemporary that is worthy of your TBR PRIORITY.

I admit that it took this DEH fan about a month to figure out the title of the book’s relationship to Dear Evan Hansen. I had a sudden epiphany while hearing Becky and Adam at Epic Reads Day this July, where they said that the title was taken from one of my favorite DEH songs. DOES THIS MEAN WE’RE GOING TO GET A TWEET OR INSTAGRAM WITH BEN PLATT READING THIS GEM?? From Arthur’s love for the musical to the different sections’ titles (STILL freaking out about it), there’s much DHE love in this book, along with one of my other favorite musicals, Hamilton. I highly recommend listening to DEHbefore, during, or after reading What If It’s Us to get the full experience. OR JUST LISTEN TO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN NOW.


What If It’s Us is filled with vibrant writing, a heartfelt plot, and plenty of great characters. As a reader of Adam and Becky’s books, I really felt both of their writing styles come to life in their (hopefully first of many) collaboration. Becky takes on Georgia-raised, musical-loving Arthur, while Adam writes fantasy-author-in-progress Ben. I really enjoyed both perspectives, but I think I did enjoy Ben’s a teensy bit more thanks to his best friend, Dylan. Dylan was such a HILARIOUS sidekick for Ben and I wouldn’t mind some sort of spinoff following him! This is just one of many gems about  Dylan from Ben:

“We keep playing as Dylan goes on and on about which hot beverage he and Samantha should name their firstborn after, and I refuse to be Uncle Ben to any child named Cider” (29).

Ben and Arthur’s summer romance found the perfect home in New York City. It was really fun (although a bit heartbreaking when it came to going to a certain show) to see them take on NYC together and while they don’t have the longest of times together, I think their relationship progressed at the right pace. I also enjoyed spending time getting to know their friends (see Dylan) and families, providing such a wholesome cast that fans of Becky’s books will especially enjoy. While I know many readers have speculated if we’re going to have a Becky ending or Adam ending (see title, They Both Die at the End), you’ll have to read the book yourself to see what a Becky and Adam ending looks like.  I will say that I did enjoy the ending.

Overall, What If It’s Us is sure to please any YA reader looking for a sweet, diverse contemporary with NYC adventures, well-developed characters, and love.

This review is based on an advance reader’s edition provided by the publisher. By no means did this affect my thoughts or opinions.

Is What If It’s Us on your TBR? What’s your favorite Adam Silvera or Becky Albertalli book? Share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Dear Evan Hansen & Fandom Love: What If It’s Us Review

  1. Great review! I’ve heard of this book and based on your review it definitely sounds like a book to check out. Plus I love that there’s Broadway involved cause I’m a Theater Dork. I loved Dear Evan Hansen!

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