QUEEN OF MY HEART: Queen of Shadows Reread Discussion

I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole rereading books thing is pretty amazing because I’ve absolutely fallen in love again with Sarah J. Maas’s Queen of Shadows. I am almost complete with my #1 reading goal of 2018, aka finally rereading the massive beasts that compose the Throne of Glass series. If fitness is among your 2018 goals, lifting Heir of Fire and Empire of Storms together makes for the perfect arm workout.

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series, and it’s actually the first ToG book I read at the time of publication in September 2015 (I read the previous books that June). QoS also holds a special place in my heart because I attended one of SJM’s signing events for its launch and it was my first time meeting her.

IMG_2725 2.JPG

Because QoS is well into the ToG realm, from this point on, there will be spoilers for Queen of Shadows and Throne of Glass overall below. For my non-spoiler people, enjoy the following farewell from Leslie:


I loved rereading QoS because there are so many great small details throughout the story. My favorite part of the rescue mission for Aedion was seeing Aelin disguise herself as a ballerina and getting a glimpse at her relationship with Florine. I also loved seeing Aelin and Lysandra’s relationship blossom in this installment. I still get a bit teary-eyed over their friendship, especially after Aelin informs Lysandra that she’s paid off her debts to Clarise. AND HOW DID I FORGET THE SCENE WHERE LYSANDRA VOMITS VALG BITS ON TO LORCAN??

Speaking of Aelin, QoS basically acts as Aelin’s transformation from Celaena Sardothien to Aelin Galathynius. I liked how we get to say goodbye to the sassy, kickbutt Celaena, but we also get introduced to the strong, still sassy leader that is Aelin. I just love her banter with Rowan, and she also shares plenty of lighthearted moments with Aedion (even if it’s not in the best of situations, like during dinner with Arobynn):

“ “No matter what you see or hear, just keep your fat mouths shut. No psychotic territorial bullshit.”

Aedion chuckled. “Remind me to tell you tomorrow how charming you are.” “

QoS also made me fall in love with Rowan and Aelin as a couple, and you better believe that I am rooting for Lysandra and Aedion even more. I know some fans still are rooting for Aelin and Dorian, but I think a certain witch may be in Dorian’s future.. But I am all for Dorian and Aelin taking on the continent together, especially after this quote:

“They joined hands.

So the world ended.

And the next on began.”

I’ll take that on an embroidered pillow, please.


Regarding friendships, I think my favorite relationship moment in the entire book is Chaol and Dorian’s reunion at the end. CHAOL’S CRYING AND DORIAN IS CRYING AND WAIT HOW DID WATER END UP IN MY BOOK? DID MY EYES DO THAT?? I wish we got to see them spend a bit more time together, but now I’m even more excited to see Chaol and Nesryn’s adventure to the Southern Continent in Tower of Dawn. Honestly, all of the friendships in QoS could make me a bit teary-eyed between Chaol and Dorian, Aelin and Lysandra, Asterin and Manon (Asterin’s backstory is also not for those opposed to Kleenex), and Elide and Manon. But please, give me more of Abraxos’s love for Elide and even scenes with just Abarxos rolling around in wild flowers. And someone who I consider one of Celaena’s friends from the first two books, how did I not remember that Phillipa survives in QoS? I’d love to see her in Terrasen if we get somewhat of a happily ever after in the final book.

Until rereading QoS, I considered Crown of Midnight to be my favorite in the series, because you know, CHAOL. But try not to tell CoM that QoS is my new favorite because of ALL of the characters (Chaol, included of course). I just loved how we get almost everyone’s POVs– yes, it can be challenging keeping track of all SJM’s characters, but yes, it is so worth it. I was cheering when we get Manon’s first chapter, and it was fun to see the growing dynamic between Aelin, Rowan, and Aedion.


Obviously, I love all of the Throne of Glass books-there’s got to be something special about a series if I take the time to reread- but QoS will be holding the #1 spot for now. I am highly anticipating and emotionally preparing myself for Kingdom of Ash. My roommate and I already have plans to cry read it together.

Have you read Queen of Shadows? What’s your favorite ToG book? Share in the comments!

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