x510Brown University bound Veronica Clarke is the type of person who plans everything, from finals cram sessions with her best friends to a romantic weekend with her boyfriend. What she didn’t plan are the two solid pink lines on a pregnancy test. After her boyfriend reveals that he messed with their protection in order to preserve their relationship, Veronica has to make a decision she never imagined she’d have to make: to get or not to get an abortion. Too embarrassed to reveal her plans to her friends and family, she soon finds herself on a fourteen-hour car ride with the black sheep of Jefferson High, her ex-best friend, Bailey, to New Mexico. Chaos and absolute hilarity is in store for Veronica and Bailey while confronting their friendship and the truth about themselves.

 My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

My Thoughts:

In their acknowledgements, Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan write that they often told people that they were writing a funny story about abortion. In this reader’s opinion? They absolutely completely nailed their concept with Unpregnant, a book about one girl’s right to choose and so much in store.

Unpregnant follows high school senior Veronica, who finds out she is pregnant, likely thanks to the fact that her boyfriend poked holes in their condoms in hopes that Veronica would get pregnant and stay home instead of going away to college. Since she needs parents’ consent in Missouri to get an abortion, Veronica’s closest option is in New Mexico. With no car and too afraid to tell her friends or family, Veronica entrusts her ex-best friend Bailey to make the journey with her.

Unpregnant is the type of the book that is perfect for reading in one sitting because you won’t want to part from it for too long. This book is fairly short and fast-paced, as Bailey finds Veronica taking a pregnancy test in their high school bathroom right from the get-go. Bailey was for sure my favorite character. Although rough around the edges, she has such a good heart and so many amazing one-liners (not to mention an indisputable love for Kelly Clarkson and her absolute hatred for Veronica’s boyfriend).


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