CUTEST YA COVER: Unclaimed Baggage Review

Summary: Doris, a liberal teen in a conservative town, hasn’t made too many friends since the waterslide incident. Nell hasn’t been so successful in the friend department either, since she’s just moved to small town Alabama from the Chicago surburbs. But what do the two have in common with each other, let alone fallen-from-grace star quarterback Grant? All three have summer jobs at Unclaimed Baggage, a store where lost luggage goes to find a home. Working together for the summer, Grant, Doris, and Nell learn that while everyone has some extra baggage weighing them down, true friendship and love will help you find your home.

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Cover Lust: Unclaimed Baggage is one of the cutest YA contemporary covers! Can I find that squirrel in Unclaimed Baggage?


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