My Favorite Book Pins & Collection

Every reader loves their bookish merch. One of the most popular bookish swag over the years has increasingly been book pins or book buttons. While I do love my pins, I don’t really go out of my way to collect them. I haven’t really purposely tried to collect or buy them. Much of my collection has come from Book Expo, Book Con, author signings, and a few other bookish events like B&N’s Teen Book Fest and Epic Reads Day. I have also collected a few pins more recently from pre-order campaigns.

Today I’ll be shortly discussing and sharing my favorite bookish pins as well as a glimpse at my collection. I’ve definitely thought about getting a banner for my pins, but I really like using my own BookBub lanyards from Book Expo and Book Con.

My Collection


My Favorites 

Harry Potter 20 Years of Magic- 20 years of magic later and even I still love some good HP merch. I received this at Book Expo 2018.


Stay Sweet (inspired by Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian)- This favorite is likely influenced by the fact that Stay Sweet is one of my all-time favorite books. I received this from the awesome preorder campaign, which also included a signed bookplate and a Meade Creamery T-shirt. But what else could be cuter than an ice cream pin? I’m always tempted to pin this on to my denim jacket or vest, but I live in fear that it will fall off.

Alex & Eliza (inspired by Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz)- I have a love-hate relationship with the Alex and Eliza series (loved Alex and Eliza, really disliked Love & War, and will likely read All for One because I am Hamilton trash). I coveted this Alex & Eliza pin for a while, purely out of my love for Hamilton. This pin was originally included in the preorder campaign for the first book, but I received it from Penguin at Book Con 2018.



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