Binge-Read Recommendations: What I’ve Read in 2020 So Far Edition

It’s no surprise to say that I’ve had a hard time concentrating for long periods of time lately. This hasn’t really been an issue when it comes to reading- the inspiration behind today’s post- or blogging. I’m actually blogging more than I should’ve been in April because of being home. I’ve stuck to some elements of a routine – going for walks daily, eating three meals, reading for at least an hour a day- but the biggest thing I’ve been struggling with is school work. I’ve talked to my friends who are in the same situation as me and it’s been a common problem for all of us, being that we basically haven’t had to do any school work at home since high school. The problem for me is that I associate home with being able to relax and basically do anything un-school-related, so having to force myself to finish my second senior research project and complete assignments for my other two classes hasn’t been easy. I’m definitely getting the work done and sticking to deadlines… but with one or three books in between.

I’ve been loving  books that I am able to read in one or two days. I know some readers can read a book of any length in this time frame- I’ve definitely done this myself with Sarah J. Maas books particularly. However, the following recommend binge-reads are the types of books you won’t be able to and won’t want to read in more than one or two sittings because they’re that addicting. I’ve also based my recommendations on books that I’ve read in 2020. Let me apologize in advance for all the times I say ‘not able to put-down.’

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord – I know I’m basically three months late on the Tweet Cute love train, but I seriously cannot stop thinking about this YA debut I really became invested in everything and anything about both Pepper and Jack’s storylines. Everyone knows that I love books that contain so many differently elements, but Tweet Cute is just the perfect example of a YA contemporary book that can do it all flawlessly and manages to make me hungry and crave the sweetest desserts while doing so.


The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee – You’ve probably seen The Thousandth Floor float around the YA book world since its debut in 2016 and I highly recommend checking it out in 2020 if you haven’t done so already (previously like me until this past weekend). I was craving a fun, fluffy, and yes, drama-filled read and this book was so perfect. If you’ve been re-watching Gossip Girl lately, this is the book for you.Read More »