Current Library Holds: February 2023

Another month, another glimpse at what books I’m hoping to get from the library soon! 

I’m not going to go too much into Amanda Elliot’s Best Served Hot and Rebecca Makkai’s I Have Some Questions For You, since I discussed these two in my February 2023 Anticipated Releases.

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn – I haven’t yet read a book by Kate Clayborn, but her latest releases, Georgia, All Along, has been all over my bookstagram altely. This is a grumpy sunshine romance following a woman who returns to her hometown in Virginia after losing her personal assistant position in LA. 

The Measure by Nikki Erlick – The Measure is Bad on Paper Podcast’s book club pick for March, and although I don’t think this is a novel I’d pick up on my own, I love joining on their book club and I’ve seen a lot of hype for this one since its 2022 release. The Measure is set in a society where people receive wooden boxes that contain the amount of years they will live. 

Becoming Free Indeed by Jinger Vuolo – Definitely not my normal cup of tea, but yes, I am ‘guilty’ of watching 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On and have followed some of the Duggar girls since their show. I’ve heard rave reviews about Jinger’s memoir, following her experience disentangling her faith from the strict rules she grew up under Bill Gottard’s ultra conservative Christian teachings. 

Have you read any of the books I shared? What are you hoping to get from the library soon? Share in the comments!

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