MORE 2023 Releases: February 2023 TBR Additions 

New month, new books on my TBR! I haven’t shared a TBR additions post since this fall, mostly because the majority my TBR additions in the final quarter of the year are 2023 anticipated releases. But guess what? This post is mostly 2023 releases I’ve recently added!

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace – This figure skater and ice hockey player romance has been all over my Instagram for the past few months, especially since Icebreaker was originally published as an indie and is now being traditionally published by Atria. I haven’t read a sports romance series in a while (the last one I can recall is Alexa Martin’s Playbook series) and I hope this one gives me Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus vibes. I’m hoping my county library system adds Icebreaker! Icebreaker releases on February 7th. 

Sunshine Nails by Mai Ngyuen – Sunshine Nails has already gotten some really early rave reviews. This book follows a Vietnamese Canadian family in Toronto whose family owned nail salon is threatened by a new high end salon. Sunshine Nails comes out on July 4th. 

Starfish by Lisa Fipps – At least there’s one book on here that’s already published! As a middle school ELA teacher, I like reading what’s popular in middle grade and YA (middle school reading can be a weird gray area between those 2 genres). Starfish is a novel told in verse, following a protagonist who experiences fat-shaming and only feels comfortable when she is in her swimming pool.

The Darlings by Hannah McKinnon – I give major props to Atria’s marketing & PR teams because 3/6 of my TBR additions are from them. I’m hoping Hannah McKinnon’s The Darlings, a family contemporary set during a summer wedding on Cape Cod, gives me Elin Hilderbrand feels (I’ll take anything nearly close, given I’ve read al of Hilderbrand’s books and she only has 2 more Nantucket books until she ‘retires’/doesn’t publish beach reads every year – sdienote: did anyone else see on her Instagram story that her and her daughter just signed a contract to write a book together?!). The Darlings comes out on May 2nd.

What Happens After Midnight by K.L. Walther – I added What Happens After Midnight after reading & really enjoying K.L. Walther’s much loved The Summer of Broken Rules. Her upcoming release is definitely going to be one of the most popular YA books of 2023. This is a boarding school set YA, following a rule-following senior two before her graduation, whose invited to join in on senior pranks by her ex. What Happens After Midnight comes out on June 27th. 

All That’s Left to Say by Emery Lord – Of course, Emery Lord’s 2023 release is one of those books that should’ve been on my most anticipated releases list, but I just found out about it a few weeks ago. Emery Lord is one of my favorite YA contemporary authors. While most of her books take on heavier themes, All That’s Left to Say seems especially serious and emotion-filled, as the novel follows a protagonist whose lost her cousin to an overdose and decides to enroll in her boarding school to find out the truth about her cousin’s death. All That’s Left to Say comes out on July 18th. 

What books have you recently added to your TBR? Have you read any of the books I mentioned or are they also on your TBR? Share in the comments! 

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