The Fastest Way to Fall Review

Summary (from the publisher): 

81YtTqwz5cLBritta Colby works for a lifestyle website, and when tasked to write about her experience with a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal coaching, she knows it’s a major opportunity to prove she should write for the site full-time.

As CEO of the FitMe app, Wes Lawson finally has the financial security he grew up without, but despite his success, his floundering love life and complicated family situation leaves him feeling isolated and unfulfilled. He decides to get back to what he loves—coaching. Britta’s his first new client and they click immediately.

As weeks pass, she’s surprised at how much she enjoys experimenting with her exercise routine. He’s surprised at how much he looks forward to talking to her every day. They convince themselves their attraction is harmless, but when they start working out in person, Wes and Britta find it increasingly challenging to deny their chemistry and maintain a professional distance.

Wes isn’t supposed to be training clients, much less meeting with them, and Britta’s credibility will be sunk if the lifestyle site finds out she’s practically dating the fitness coach she’s reviewing. Walking away from each other is the smartest thing to do, but running side by side feels like the start of something big.

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

My Thoughts:

I loved reading and viewing so many readers & bloggers’ favorite books of 2021 posts. Denise Williams’ recent contemporary romance release, The Fastest Way to Fall, was at the top of so many readers’ favorites list. Between being a crowd favorite and being selected as Bad Bitch Book Club’s Book of the Month for January, I decided to pick this one up ASAP and it was my first complete read of 2022. After reading adult contemporary fiction books like The Boys’ Club and Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes, I wasn’t entirely sure I was in the mood for a Happily Ever After (HEA) book, but The Fastest Way to Fall quickly reminded me why I love this genre so much! 

The Fastest Way to Fall follows the first person perspectives of Britta, an editorial assistant at a lifestyle magazine & website, and Wes, the co-founder at a popular new fitness app, FitMI. Britta is hoping for a promotion to full-time writer at her company and is presented a chance at the opportunity when she and her work rival write a series about their experiences on two different fitness apps. Britta has had some struggles throughout her life with her body image and exercise, but she looks forward to the opportunity to be paired with a fitness coach on the body positive app. Meanwhile, between work stress and stress over his family (Wes’ mom struggles with addiction and his sister is MIA), Wes decides to take on a client , who happens to be Britta. Wes and Britta find themselves chatting way more than expected of a coach & client, and when the two meet each other and work out together IRL, sparks fly… while never revealing to another that one is the CEO of the app and the other is writing an article series about FitMi…..

The Fastest Way to Fall hooked me in from the very beginning. Britta and Wes have distinct personalities that made it every easy to flip between their perspectives and not necessarily prefer one over the other. Britta was so personable and had such a humorous personality, and I loved how her storyline focused on body positivity and images – I never read a book like this one before! Wes started off as a somewhat broody love interest, which made sense given his family situation (tw that there are mentions of his sister dealing with disordered eating). 

I loved Britta and Wes’ relationship development so much, and I thought that their coaching/working out together turning into a relationship was an overall very unique storyline. I did see some of the fallout and the novel’s climax, especially when it came to Wes’ ex and her role in throwing obstacles in Britta and Wes’ relationship. I admit though that Britta and Wes not easily being able to escape the consequences of their actions was actually a really refreshing element. The book is also complimented by a variety of side characters, mostly Wes and Britta’s friends – I definitely plan on reading Denise Williams’ debut, How to Fail at Flirting, to read about Naya and Jake’s relationship and her next novel will follow one of Britta’s best friends, RJ. 

Overall, The Fastest Way to Fall is totally worth the hype for its unique premise & a well-balanced storyline. I look forward to reading How to Fail at Flirting and Denise Williams’ 2022 release connected to The Fastest Way to Fall, Do You Take This Man?

Have you read The Fastest Way to Fall? Have you read Denise Williams’ debut, How to Fail at Flirting? Share in the comments!

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