Holiday Book TBR: 2021 Edition 

I can’t believe I’m already sharing my holiday book TBR, but does anyone actually think I wouldn’t take the opportunity to talk about them??  I’m not someone to rush into the holiday season as soon as Halloween ends (okay fine, I have listened to my Christmas Spotify playlist already), but I also wanted to share the holiday books on my TBR in case you are looking to plan your festive season reading between November and December. I actually decided to share my list earlier because I myself had to put a few of the books below on hold from my library already! For the most part, I keep my holiday book TBRs short because I don’t want all of my reading in November & December to be holiday-themed and I try to stay away from over-the-top cheesy holiday books (and there may or may not be books of holidays past that I still haven’t read, like The After Life of Holly Chase, oops). 

Always, in December by Emily Stone – I totally admit that the cover alone of Emily Stone’s Always, in December drew me in. I heard this one is on the heavier side of a holiday story, as the main protagonist, Josie, lost her parents on Christmas years ago and writes them a letter each year. On the way to the mailbox, she runs into Max, who has his own reasons for avoiding the Christmas season, and the book follows them on their chance encounters over the next year – it kind’ve sounds like a deeper cross between Josie Silver’s One Day in December and Sophie Cousens’ This Time Next Year.

The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer – I feel like The Matzah Ball is THE holiday romance of 2021 – it’s also the Matzah Book Soup Book Club pick for November. The Matzah Ball is a Hanukkah inspired holiday romance, following a Jewish Christmas romance novelist, Rachel, whose publisher wants her to write a Hanukkah inspired romance. 

The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox – I think so many holiday books always get us on their cross-over appeal, with The Holiday Swap definitely screaming The Princess Switch and The Parent Trap. Charlie, a celebrity chef who loses her sense of taste & smell while serving as a judge on a baking show, convinces her identical twin sister, Cass, who runs their family’s bakery business, to switch places.

Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis Eight Perfect Hours is another fate meets the holiday season contemporary, as our female lead, Noelle, gets stuck in a blizzard and is helped by a man named Sam – the two spend eight hours together stranded in a car until the roads are cleared and afterwards, the two keep running into each other again & again. 

Winter Street by Elin Hildebrand – If you’ve followed my reading in 2021, it’s no surprise then that Elin Hilderbrand’s first Christmas book, Winter Street, is on my TBR. I’m really trying (not really apparently because I’ve read 19 Elin Hilderbrand books so far this year) to try to not read her books all at once & save them since she is retiring in 2024 , but how could I not read her Christmas/winter inspired series during November & December? 

What holiday books are on your TBR this year? Are there any that I should add to my TBR? What are some of your favorite holiday reads? 

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