2021 FAVE SEQUEL: Isn’t It Bromantic? Review

Summary (from the publisher):

55470802With his passion for romance novels, it was only a matter of time before Vlad wrote one.

Elena Konnikovas has lived her entire adult life in the shadows. As the daughter of a Russian journalist who mysteriously disappeared, she escaped danger the only way she knew how: She married her childhood friend, Vladimir, and moved to the United States, where he is a professional hockey player in Nashville.

Vlad, aka the Russian, thought he could be content with his marriage of convenience. But it’s become too difficult to continue in a one-sided relationship. He joined the Bromance Book Club to learn how to make his wife love him, but all he’s learned is that he deserves more. He’s ready to create his own sweeping romance—both on and off the page.

The bros are unwilling to let Vlad forgo true love—and this time they’re not operating solo. They join forces with Vlad’s neighbors, a group of meddling widows who call themselves the Loners. But just when things finally look promising, Elena’s past life intrudes and their happily ever after is cast into doubt.


My Rating: 5/5 Stars

My Thoughts: 

Is it really that much of a surprise that this book was a full 5 star read for me? Ever since I read The Bromance Book Club, I had been hoping for an installment following The Russian, or Vlad as we get to know him in Isn’t It Bromantic?. Lyssa Kay Adams announced around the publication of book #2, Undercover Bromance, that the fourth book in this companion series would focus on the funny and super lovable hockey star.

 Isn’t It Bromantic? is similar to The Bromance Book Club (the first book) in the sense that the book follows two marriages on the breaking point. However, what is super unique about Vlad and Elena’s marriage compared to Gavin and Thea’s marriage is that Vlad and Elena have a marriage of convenience and have spent little to no time with one another since they were married six years ago. As soon as they married, Elena fled to Chicago to get her journalism degree and crack the story her father was working on before he disappeared years ago, while Vlad became the best defenseman on Nashville’s pro hockey team. When Vlad suffers from an injury in a playoff game, Elena returns to Nashville to help take care of him and the two begin to heal their relationship.

It’s safe to say that Isn’t It Bromantic?  met my expectations & mor!. Vlad is my favorite character in the series & I loved getting a book all about him, especially since his own relationship & marriage has been such a mystery in the first three books. Elena was also a really strong lead, and I enjoyed learning about her past with Vlad throughout the story. I do admit that I still feel a little mixed about the whole mystery surrounding her dad’s disappearance & how that played into the ending of the book. The book featured many appearances from the Bromance Book Club, as they help Vlad with his injury, his relationship, AND the romance book he’s writing! I love that the romance book excerpts were from Vlad’s manuscript. I figured out which book characters represented Vlad and co. (although I do admit that sometimes I didn’t see the lessons the Bromance Book Club wanted Vlad to incorporate in his book that were also forms of advice for Vlad and Elena’s relationship). In addition, I liked the addition of Vlad’s neighborhood group and a few new members of the book club – if I had to guess, I think the next book is going to follow Colton and maybe Vlad’s neighbor? – as well as getting to check in on books #2 and #3’s couples, Mack & Liv and Noah & Alexis. 

Overall, Isn’t It Bromantic?  was such a FANTASTIC Bromance Book Club installment. The book had everything I love about this series – relationship development, friendship, humor, & of course, a good romance book or two. I believe there is at least one more book set in the series and a Netflix adaptation in the works! 

Have you read Isn’t It Bromantic? or any of the books in the Bromance Book Club series? What book is your favorite? Share in the comments! 

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