Anticipated Releases Book Tag: 2021 Edition

I love the Anticipated Releases Book Tag because it lets me spotlight some of the books I’m the most excited for during the fall & let’s be honest, helps me somewhat selfishly get more organized for my most anticipated Fall 2021 books posts that I usually share in the second half of August.

If you love going back in time & revisiting some highly anticipated books in the past, I’ve also done the Anticipated Releases Book Tag in 2020 & 2019. The Anticipated Releases Book Tag was created by Ellyn of Allonsythornraxx.

Most Anticipated Release 

I am beyond excited for Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn. Erin Hahn, one of my favorite YA authors & author of You’d Be Mine & More Than Maybe, has been sharing so much about the book on Instagram each week. The book is quite personal and deals with questioning religion and faith. The book’s main protagonist, Meg, was raised by conservative parents & after finding out a shocking family secret, takes a gap year to meet the family she’s never known existed and meet the son of a pastor, Micah. Never Saw You Coming comes out on September 7th. 

Most Underhyped Release

I’m really looking forward to It All Comes Back to You by Farah Naz Rishi. This YA romance follows Muslim American teens Kiran & Deen, who once dated in secret and then broke up when Deen ghosted Kiran & are now forced to help plan their older siblings’ wedding. It All Comes Back to You comes on September 14th, 2021. 

A Book You’ve Been Waiting On Forever 

I wasn’t necessarily waiting on it forever because it was recently announced, but I have been wishing for quite a while for an Off Campus sequel. That being said, I’m really looking forward to Elle Kennedy’s novella collection, The Legacy, which will contain novella/where are they now? stories for each couple in the Off Campus series. The Legacy comes out on September 21st. 

A Book You’re Not Anticipating 

The only book I know a ton of people are super excited about but I’m personally going to pass on is Tahereh Mafi’s latest Shatter Me installment, Believe Me. I’ve enjoyed Tahereh Mafi’s YA contemporary books & love following her on Instagram, but I tried reading Shatter Me a few years ago and just couldn’t get into it. 

Top 3 Can’t Wait Books of the Year

As If On Cue by Marisa Kanter – I LOVED Marisa Kanter’s debut last year, What I Like About You, so I’m so excited to dive into her sophomore novel that has one of my favorite tropes, As If On Cue. This YA enemies-to-lovers follows high school rivals Natalie & Reid who have to write & direct the school musical together to save the theatre and band budgets. As If On Cue comes out on September 21st, 2021

When We Were Them by Laura Taylor Namey – Laura Taylor Namey is another case where I LOVE her first two YA books, The Library of Lost Things & A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea & Tomorrow, so I’m highly anticipating her November 2nd release, When We Were Them. This book is all about friendship, following Willa’s broken friendship with Luz and Britton as they approach their high school graduation. 

Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes by Alexa Martin – I loveeeeee Alexa Martin’s football contemporary romance series, Playbook, so I’m excited to see her take on a different world with Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes. The book follows broke, single, best friends, Jude and Lauren, when they decide to do what they always talked about as teenagers: move in together, with Lauren’s five year old daughter and so much more baggage than they would have predicted as kids. Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes comes on September 7th. 

Top 5 Anticipated Backlist Books on Your TBR

I’ve focused on books that haven’t come out in at least the past 3 months or so

What books are you looking forward to this year? Any of the books that I mentioned? What are some backlist books you want to read? Share in the comments!

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