Best Books I Read: Spring 2021 Edition

I’ve been mentioning here & there that I’d be sharing a round-up of the best books I read this spring, & the time has finally come for me to share. 

You probably know that I tend to read most of my books for the year during the summer since I have time off from school & work. This will hold true for this summer (I’ve already read 7 books in June), but I read the most amount of books I ever read during spring this year. I read 37 books in total between March, April, & May. I really think it had something to do with being on a screen all day from school & work and just wanting to come home and take my eyes off my laptop AND of course reading so many amazing books. 

It may sound strange for non-readers but I’ve really embracing reading books I am 95% sure I am going to enjoy/love this year or books that I am genuinely excited to read especially this year. I’ve always been this type of reader but I am making a more conscious effort to read books that I cannot wait to pick up up vs. ones that I picked up because ‘everyone is reading them/hype.’ Since I’ve reviewed nearly every book on this list, I will be keeping my thoughts super brief & will link to the reviews. 

You Have a Match by Emma Lord – Another favorite from Emma Lord! You Have a Match met my love for The Parent Trap & more. I’m also SUPER excited for her 2022 Mamma Mia-inspired release, When You Get the Chance. Read my You Have a Match review

The Marvelous Mirza Girls by Sheba Karim – A really mature & diverse YA that I’m hoping more readers, who especially love travel-inspired books & Gilmore Girls will pick up, The Marvelous Mirza Girls was such a fresh take on self-growth & grief. Read my The Marvelous Mirza Girls review 

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter – If you need something like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, you absolutely need to pick up Better Than the Movies. Think YA rom-com meets classic rom-com films meets friends-to-lovers. Read my Better Than the Movies review 

The Switch by Beth O’Leary – I’m probably one of the most late people to hop on the Beth O’Leary train, but The Switch made her one of my auto-read authors. I’m looking forward to reading The Road Trip this summer! 

Float Plan by Trish Doller – Float Plan was the perfect light meets heavy read, as Anna and Keane partner up to complete the sailing trip Anna’s fiancé had planned before his death. 

Kisses & Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau – I’m always read for a cute YA contemporary, like Kisses & Croissants .. & I’ll also always take a book that fulfills some of my wander lust, as this book takes place at ballet training program in Paris. Read my Kisses & Croissants review 

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon – If I had to choose just 1 favorite from this list, my #1 pick would be Rachel Lynn Solomon’s The Ex Talk! Such a unique take on enemies-to-lovers! Read my The Ex Talk review 

Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst – I’m been reaching for a ton of cozy books this year, with Our Italian Summer as no exception. The book takes place in Italy, as three generations of women from the same family hope to solve their problems (& maybe find a romance or two) on a vacation around Italy. 

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan – I am totally here to admit that I loved The Intimacy Experiment more than The Roommate – another super unique contemporary romance with great Jewish representation and discussion on sex. Read my The Intimacy Experiment review 

The Love Proof by Madeline Henry – The Love Proof is definitely the most underrated book on this list, following a physics prodigy at Yale and the one that got away over a few decades. Read my The Love Proof review 

Anna K: Away (Anna K #2) by Jenny Lee – I think I actually liked Anna K: Away even more than book #1, but maybe that’s because I just loved being back in Jenny Lee’s writing and with these characters so much. 

Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne – Second First Impressions is hands-down one of my favorite contemporary romances of 2021 – I loved the setting, romance, and humor so much. Read my Second First Impressions review 

Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher – Meet Me in Paradise is a must-add-to-your-beach bag book for the summer, but is far more heavier than I expected when I first picked up the book – Sadie forces her sister, Marin, to take a much-needed vacation but a few mishaps leaves Marin by herself and forcing her to step out of her comfort zone. 

Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson – I love all of Morgan Matson’s books, including here 2021 release, Take Me Home Tonight. I loved the focus on friendship & NYC setting. Read my Take Me Home Tonight review 

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle – Sarah Hogle is one of my auto-read authors because she writes such cozy and unique romances, like Twice Shy. Read my Twice Shy review 

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This by Rachel Lynn Solomon – We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This is for sure one of my favorite YA books of 2021, absolutely loving the wedding-inspired synopsis. Read my We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This review 

28 Summers & Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand – I finally started reading Elin Hilderbrand’s books in 2021 & I know I’ll be diving into her backlist this summer – 28 Summers and Summer of ’69 were such addicting reads that I could not put down. 

Note: I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge that I am aware of the Anne Frank reference made in Elin Hilderbrand’s latest release, Golden Girl. The reference will be removed from future print editions and all e-versions, and I hoping this incident will encourage publishers & writers to consider how certain writing choices or expressions affect readers of various identities. 

What were your favorite books this spring? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are your must-read books of the summer? Share in the comments! 

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