My 5 May Must-Reads TBR 

My May has been going super well so far & I have some really exciting things going on this week – I finished my clinical internship last week for my masters program, I just started a full-time job this week (!!), & have my graduation ceremonies for my masters and undergrad degree from 2020 on Friday. With all the new changes and celebrations happening this month, my reading life has been put a little on hold, but I’m hoping to dedicate some serious time to reading on weekends. As always, while I plan on reading more than the books outlined here, I wanted to share my top 5 must-read books for May, including 3 review copies on my to-review list for June. I won’t go into too many details on a few of the books below, since I’ve mentioned at least two of them in some recent blog posts

Anna K: Away (Anna K #2) by Jenny Lee – Anna K: Away is one of my current reads. I’ve been not-so patiently waiting for this sequel since last summer when I read Anna K. The sequel picks up during the summer of book #1’s conclusion, with Anna starting off in South Korea to hide away while her friends & fellow socialites pick up the pieces of their owns scandals & drama. If you love escapist reads, I cannot recommend this series enough. 

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry – If we get some nice sunny weather this weekend, I am committing to sitting outside & devouring Emily Henry’s People We Meet On Vacation. I’ve had my Book of the Month copy of this contemporary romance following two best friends, Poppy & Alex, whose relationship has been rocky for the past 2 years until Poppy convinces Alex to go on one last vacation with each other. Like Beach Read, this one screams perfect beach or poolside read. 

The Lucky List by Rachael Lippincott (ARC) – I  liked Rachael Lippincott & Mikki Daughtry’s All This Time back in September, so I’m excited to read Rachael Lippincott’s first solo book, The Lucky List. The book takes place over a whirlwind summer, following Emily’s quest to complete her late mother’s senior year summer bucket list with Blake, a girl who’s just moved back to town. As the girls complete the bucket list, Emily feels closer to her mom & also begins to feel closer to Blake in a way she wasn’t expecting. I think the summer setting will help make for the perfect spring into summer transition read! The Lucky List comes out on June 1st.  

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This
by Rachel Lynn Solomon (ARC) –
Rachel Lynn Solomon’s We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This has (deservedly) made its way into so many of my posts since it was announced last year. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC back in April and while part of me was tempted to devour it ASAP, I’ve wanted to wait to read it on a weekend when my schedule was clear so I could 100% invest in reading it. This YA contemporary follows two teens whose parents own wedding related businesses & their summer working together & figuring out their feelings for another. We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This comes out on June 8th. 

An Emotion of Great Delight by Tahereh Mafi (ARC) – I really enjoyed Tahereh Mafi’s A Very Large Expanse of Sea back in 2018 (the photo on the side here is when she signed my copy of A Very Large Expanse of Sea at Book Expo 2018). I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will similarly be an emotionally-heavy read, An Emotion of Great Delight. The book follows a Muslim teen, Shirin, following her life two years after 9/11. An Emotion of Great Delight comes out on June 1st. 


What are some books you’re hoping to read in May? Have you read any of the books that I mentioned? Share in the comments! 

4 thoughts on “My 5 May Must-Reads TBR 

  1. Goodluck with your tbr! Might you get to them all & enjoy them xx

    The lucky list sounds so good, I have to add it to my wanna read list. We can’t keep meeting like this was already one I wanted to read xx


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