25 Fangirl Facts About Me: 2021 Edition

I love finding ways to bring in slight lifestyle like posts to book and fandom blogging.  I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a non book review/TBR/book tag type book. The 25 Bookish Facts About Me post was big across the book blog community and BookTube a few years ago. I loved this post so much that I actually did it 3 times over the first two years of blogging, and I’m happy to bring it back to the blog for the fourth time during my fourth year of blogging. I slightly adapted the post during my third and this time around to be fangirl facts about me to include some things about myself outside of books. Below you’ll find out more about my reading habits, feelings towards one of my favorite fantasy series being adapted, TV/movies, & more.

1.I am a firm believer that the best kinds of books for beach reading are paperbacks (preferably of the contemporary/contemporary romance genre). 

2. I’ve only won 1 Goodreads giveaway, which was a mass market paperback copy of Red Rising by Pierce Brown. 

3.I no longer own said copy of Red Rising, after trading it through #booksfortrade on Twitter for an ARC of Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere – This was pre Little Fires Everywhere being published & the Hulu TV adaptation, so I always wonder if the person I traded with regrets making the trade given how popular Little Fires Everywhere is now. 

4. I’m more of a TV show than movie person. 

5. The most amount of books I read in 1 year was 133 books in 2020. It’s not necessarily my #1 reading-related goal, but I’d love to surpass that amount one day.

6. Instagram is my primary book social media platform. I love finding book recommendations especially on IG stories, from authors like Hannah Orenstein and Emily Henry, but I have been trying to spend more time on the feed… including posting more on my own…

7. My current favorite Taylor Swift album is folklore, with “august” as my favorite song. 

8. I’m a recent Star Wars fan. I had seen bits & pieces of the films growing up, but I fully watched Episodes 4-6 with my mom during Christmas 2019 and was hooked. I soon got into The Mandalorian (still crying over the season 2 finale), and watched the other 2 trilogies during the first half of 2020. 

9. My bed is my go-to reading spot, but I think my absolute fave reading spot is tied between reading while floating around the pool or on the beach. 

10. I’m a huge Sarah J. Maas fan, but I totally admit that I’m nervous (and yes, still excited) to see ACOTAR as a TV show on Hulu. I’m so happy SJM is involved in the writing process, but like any reader, I’m nervous about how the books translate on screen, since the series is so detailed and unique. 

11. During my senior year of high school, I thought about making a BookTube channel. I took digital video classes all throughout high school and had been obsessed with BookTube during the latter half of high school. I think I was too intimidated at time to create a channel & I hated the way my voice sounded on camera (in our current Zoom era, I slightly still do). Flash forward to a year later when I created Fangirl Fury and discovered writing with a touch of social media was the perfect medium for me!

12. I’m a huge library user. I’d estimate that at least half of my yearly reading is composed of library books.

13. One of my dreams is to have a room in my house as some sort of library/reading space & office duo (built-in book shelves preferred). 

14. I near completely prefer physical books over e-books, but have accepted reading ebooks more over the past year between the pandemic shutting down my local library for a few months & my friend generously giving me a Kindle she had run in a raffle. I usually read e-versions of advanced reading copies that aren’t available in print or library books that have super long holds lists for a physical copy. 

15. My family & close friends always tell me that I should write a book someday because I read so much. Although I’ve jotted down ideas for books over the years, I’m in a place right now where I feel 110% content being a reader & not an author. If I had to write a book, it’d probably be some kind of contemporary.

16. Book mail, or getting books in the mail, always makes my day ten times better. I recently received a physical ARC of Rachel Lynn Solomon’s We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This and was dancing around my kitchen trying to explain to my non-bookish sister why I was so excited. 

17. Whenever I’m stressed, one of my go-to moves is to put books on hold from the library I guess for distraction??

18. If I had to create another bookish platform it’d be a podcast with a book blogging friend. I think I’d be more realistically motivated to create one if I had the money for proper equipment and to hire someone to edit the episodes or having time to edit myself. On another social media note, I have been recently debating breaking into Book Tok..

19. It’s probably expected from my love for The Mandalorian that I’ve collected some The Child/Baby Yoda merch. Two of my favorite items are the ColourPop The Child eyeshadow palette and The Child Pandora charm. 

20. I haven’t bought a Taylor Swift album on CD since reputation, but I’m considering buying a CD of the Taylor’s Version of Fearless, which comes out today!

21. If I had to summarize my current reading taste, I almost exclusively read contemporary romance & YA contemporary with a touch of non-fiction, adult contemporary or women’s fiction, and fantasy.

22. I did both of my senior undergrad capstone projects on Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give. My English capstone focused on THUG as a reflection for social justice movements, while my Media & Communications capstone analyzed reviews of THUG, Nic Stone’s Dear Martin, and Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely’s All American Boys.

23.I’ve been collecting less bookish merch over the past 2 years to avoided crowded bookshelves and save on storage space in my bedroom. However, I really want to buy a Fablebands Faux Knot headband.

24. I keep a notebook dedicated to reading & blogging. I keep track of all the books I read each month, monthly and annual blog stats, reading notes, and occasional blog post drafts (like this post!).

25. I’m terrible of keeping track of exact stats of the books I read other than using Goodreads and my blogging notebook. I always tell myself at the beginning of each year that I’m going to collect data on my year in reading using a spreadsheet.. but then wrap-up season rolls around each November & December and I’m scrambling to put 100+ books in a spreadsheet.

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How do you feel about the ACOTAR TV adaptation? What’s your favorite reading spot? Share in the comments!

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