Currently Reading, Mini Life Updates, & My Spring Break TBR 

How are you doing? I’ll be completely honest, I’ve been super all over the place this past month! So many exciting things have been happening behind the scenes of the blog, both bookish and personal life wise – for example, I fortunately have quite a few spring & summer ARCs to dive into over the next few months, and I am in the home stretch of my grad school program, with graduation ahead in May. I realize I haven’t been too detailed about my grad school coursework, but you may know that I’m in a master’s in teaching program to receive my English teaching certification and I keep information about my clinical practicum super private. In the future though, I do want to write some sort of blog post about books I’d love to read with students or use in my classes.

That being said, this month has been super stressful between grad school assignments, including a major assessment that I’m so happy to be completed with but am nervously awaiting my final score, a dead car battery, and loss of a loved one in my family. Although I’ve been content with my blog content this month & I’m really excited sharing reviews for said spring releases in April & May, I feel so behind on blog post scheduling & editing and writing non-review posts. Fortunately, I’m on spring break next week, so I plan on using that time to get caught up on all the things AND read as much as possible. Today’s blog post is a bit of a ramble/life update-esque, but I wanted to talk about what I’m currently reading and what I want to read over the next 2 weeks.

Currently Reading: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I added this much loved high fantasy romance to my TBR last fall, but saved it for post-reading Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Silver Flames, rightfully realizing that I’d be in the mood for another fantasy read. At the time of writing this post on Thursday afternoon, I’m over 400 pages in and plan on finishing it ASAP (or hopefully even by the time this post is published). I’m going to have a full review posted on the blog sometime next week, but I have liked this book a lot so far. I feel like this book does a lot of world-building for the next two books, based on all the details and setting up, but I do admit that once I got to the Rite about halfway through, I have been absolutely HOOKED. 

Spring Break TBR

My spring break TBR is a mix of books I’ve been dying to read without the stress of school in the back of my mind and spring ARCs I’d like to get a start on. Knowing me, I’ll probably read a few more books not mentioned here and bring some of these back to school with me in April. 

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon – I know I’ve included Rachel Lynn Solomon’s The Ex Talk on nearly all of my TBRs lately, but I am finally going to read it this weekend! I wanted to read it at a time when I wasn’t totally overwhelmed with school so I can really dive in and concentrate on one of my most anticipated romances. I’m so, so fortunate to have also recently received an ARC of Rachel Lynn Solomon’s 2021 YA release, We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This, aka another book I CANNOT WAIT to dive into! I’m likely going to again ‘treat myself’ and save what I know will be a gem for post graduation in May.  

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter – Better Than the Movies had me at its description as a rom-com about rom-coms and of course, it’s enemies-to-lovers premise: Liz needs her childhood enemy & attractive neighbor, Wes, to help her score her childhood crush as her prom date. Better Than the Movies comes out on May 4th. 

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary – I LOVED The Switch this month, so I’m really excited to go back & read Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare. I seriously think there’s a good chance she may  become one of my favorite contemporary authors! 

Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon – You likely know by now that I am all about YA authors entering the new adult/contemporary romance space, including Sandhya/Lily Menon! 

The Siren by Katharine St. John – I am seriously craving beach weather & summer right now (but in reality, when am I not??) and the cover of The Siren just screams summer vibes to me right now. This May 4th release follows two Hollywood exes working together on a movie on a Caribbean novel, with a hurricane on the way. The book is told from the perspective of Stella, one of the actresses & exes, a producer, and Stella’s assistant. 

What are you currently reading? What books do you hope to get to over the next few day? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Share in the comments! 

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