Spring 2021 Most Anticipated Releases: Contemporary Romance

Over the past few weeks, I might’ve spent just as much time adding books to my TBR as I did actually reading the books on my TBR! I’ve recently been going on mini TBR-adding sprees, thanks to book recommendations on Instagram stories and more 2021 anticipated releases lists. In case you were wondering, authors Emily Henry and Hannah Orenstein are two of my go-to IG book recommendation sources. I had a decent amount of spring contemporary romances on 2021 Most Anticipated Releases: Contemporary Romance Edition list – I’ll be sharing some of the same titles today – but I honestly might’ve added double the amount of spring romances on my TBR since then. Today, I’ll be featuring the romances I’m most looking forward to coming out this March, April, and May. My YA Spring 2021 Anticipated Releases guide will be coming out next week!

Accidentally Engaged by Farah HeronRelease Date: March 2 | Add it on Goodreads 

Match-making is one of my favorite romance tropes, which led me to Farah Heron’s Accidentally Engaged, following Reena’s parents’ attempt to match her with an eligible Muslim bachelor. The book seems like it’s going to have so many other elements that I love in a good romance, including a fake engagement, a sweet love interest (with a British accent??)and tons of cooking & bread making. 

Float Plan by Trish DollerRD: March 2 | Add it on Goodreads 

Below Deck has become one of my favorite guilty pleasures over the past year, so I’m ready for any romance that takes place while sailing. Float Plan follows Anna, who has recently lost her fiancé and after a rough night at sea, hires a professional sailor to help her during her voyage.

The Dating Plan by Sarah DesaiRD: March 16 | Add it on Goodreads 

I really enjoyed Sarah Desai’s The Marriage Game because it was one of the funniest rom-coms I’ve ever read and the match-making premise was done so well. My love for that book alone makes me excited to pick up The Dating Plan. The book follows one of the main characters from The Marriage Game, Daisy. The synopsis sounds like a mix of match-making and a potential marriage of convenience. 

Second Chance Impressions by Sally Thorne | RD: April 13 | Add it on Goodreads 

Like many readers, I LOVED Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game, but felt pretty meh about 99 Percent Mine. I have high hopes that Second Chance Impressions will bring back some The Hating Game feels because it sounds like it has slight enemies-to-lovers vibes – Ruthie works at a retirement center and the son of the retirement center’s property developer comes on as a personal assistant to two of the most eccentric residents. 

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle | RD: April 6 | Add it on Goodreads

Sarah Hogle wrote my all-time favorite contemporary romance, You Deserve Each Other, which means that I need more of her work immediately!  Twice Shy has been described in early reviews as the sweetest romance – a hopeless romantic inherits a house in the Smokies from her great aunt and must share it with the grouchy and gorgeous grounds-keeper. 

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan | RD: April 6 | Add it on Goodreads

Rosie Danan’s The Roommate was the steamiest romance I’ve ever read, and I don’t expect anything less when it comes to The Intimacy Experiment. I also just love this one’s synopsis – a sex educator teams up with a young rabbi team up together to run a seminar on intimacy. 

The Kindred Spirits Supper Club by Amy E. Reichert | RD: April 20 | Add it on Goodreads 

The Kindred Spirits Supper Club was one of Emily Henry’s Instagram book recommendations. I haven’t read too many books set in the Midwest, so I’m really interested in reading this one about a young woman who moves back home to Wisconsin and gets invited to a local restaurateur’s supper club. 

Maggie Finds Her Muse by Dee Ernst | RD: April 20 | Add it on Goodreads

A European adventure is one of my favorite romance tropes, which led me to Dee Ernst’s Maggie Finds Her Muse.  The title character sets off to Paris to focus on finishing her book, but can’t help but get distracted by love when her ex-husband is in town and a handsome Frenchmen appears one morning in her bathtub… 

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto | RD: April 27 | Add it on Goodreads 

Since I’ve read so many romances over the past few years, I like to be careful about throwing around ‘unique’ when describing a book…but Dial A for Aunties might just be the most unique romance I’ve ever heard about, having been described as rom-com meets murder mystery. A woman accidentally murders her blind date, and her mother & aunties attempt to cover it up while planning the biggest wedding yet for their family business. 

The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall | RD: May 4 | Add it on Goodreads 

You probably know by now that I’ll read any book with any type of wedding synopsis (see the next book on this list for more). This British romcom follows a woman with a super unique career: professional bridesmaid. Sophie is tasked with serving as a bridesmaid in the society wedding of the year, but her professionalism may be at risk when the bride is the biggest diva Sophie has ever encountered and can’t help but be attracted to the bride’s brother. 

It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark | RD: May 4 | Add it on Goodreads

The Secret Bridesmaid and It Had to Be You were both recommendations I received courtesy of Hannah Orenstein’s Instagram. It Had to Be You also takes on the wedding scene, following wedding planner Liv. Set in New York City, when Liv’s business partner unexpectedly passes away, he leaves half of their business to his girlfriend, Savannah. According to it’s synopsis, the book is told in a Love Actually style, aka one of my all time favorite films. I’m super excited to check this one out between its writing style, setting, and plot. 

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry | RD: May 11 | Add it on Goodreads

I’m SO excited for all of the books on this, but Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation is definitely among my top MOST anticipated — I think it’s a tie-breaker between this book and Sarah Hogle’s Twice Shy. Early reviewers are absolutely loving this romance about two best friends & polar opposites Poppy and Alex, who vacation together every year until they ruined everything two years before. Poppy convinces Alex to go on one more vacation together in an attempt to repair their relationship. 

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren | RD: May 18 | Add it on Goodreads

I totally admit that while I’m excited for any Christina Lauren release, I wasn’t in a ‘I-need-this-book-in-my-hands-NOW’ mood to read The Soulmate Equation until recently seeing such rave reviews coming in from some of my most trusted book recommendation sources. I think some of my initial hesitation came from the fact that The Soulmate Equation sounds so different and maybe more mature than CLO’s recent releases – a single mom decides to try and find her soulmate through a DNA-based matchmaking company.

Heart & Seoul by Jen Frederick | RD: May 25 | Add it on Goodreads 

I feel like I’ve been reading more books over the years following Korean-American protagonists, and I’ve slowly but surely been reading more books set in Korea, which will include Jen Frederick’s Heart & Seoul. The book follows Korean adoptee Hara, who after the death of her adopted father, sets off to Seoul to learn more about her roots and ultimately, her self. 

What romances are you looking forward to this spring? Have you read any other books by these authors? Share in the comments! 

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