January & February 2021 Anticipated Releases 

One of the best ways to start off your bookish year is to add more books to your TBR, right? 

I mentioned in one of my 2021 most anticipated releases post last month that I knew I would be adding more upcoming releases after I published my lists and I was right (p.s. if you’re looking for books coming out throughout 2021, check out my most anticipated contemporary romances and YA books for the year). I was reading through blogs and Goodreads on New Year’s Day, and sure enough, I think I added 10 more books to my anticipated 2021 Goodreads shelf.

Today, I’ll just be focusing on my most anticipated books coming out this January and February from a mix of genres. I won’t be going in too much detail when it comes to some of these books, since I just included a few in my anticipated releases posts in December. 

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins | Release Date: January 5 

I totally admit that Rachel Hawkins’ adult thriller was one of those books I added to my TBR on New Year’s Day. I think the hype for this book as a Book of the Month pick and being on so many anticipated book lists finally made me really check out its synopsis. Although I’m not the biggest Jane Eyre fan, I am super interested to see Rachel Hawkin’s retelling through a domestic thriller. Add it on Goodreads 

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas | RD: January 12

I think everyone is going to be reading Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give prequel, Concrete Rose, at some point this year. The book follows Starr’s father, Maverick, as a seventeen-year old teen. Add it on Goodreads


You Have a Match by Emma Lord | RD: January 12

Emma Lord’s Tweet Cute was one of my favorite books of 2020, so if I love her sophomore novel, You Have a Match, just as much, I think she’s seriously going to become one of my new all-time fave YA authors! I have this one on hold from the library, so I’m hoping it comes super close to its release date. Add it on Goodreads

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon | RD:January 26

2021 is the year of my favorite YA authors entering the adult contemporary/contemporary romance game, and I am the most excited for Rachel Lynn Solomon’s The Ex Talk! So many bloggers who have similar reading tastes as I do have absolutely raved over this book in their early reviews. I think it seriously has potential to be my favorite book of the year. Add it on Goodreads

Make Up Break Up by Sandhya Menon | RD: February 2 

I am always up for a workplace enemies-to-lovers romance, which makes me even more excited to pick up this contemporary romance from another YA favorite,Lily/Sandhya Menon. Add it on Goodreads

Wings of Ebony by J. Elle | RD: January 26

I really didn’t read much fantasy in 2021, but I think books like Wings of Ebony will help me break back into the genre! Wings of Ebony has received such fantastic early praise from some of the biggest names in YA, Nic Stone, Sabaa Tahir, and Nicolan Yoon, included. The book follows a Black teen from Houston who is half-god, half-human, who has to use her gifts to help her ‘real’ world and magical one. Add it on Goodreads

The Project by Courtney Summers | RD: February 2

It’s such a niche genre and a little weird to admit sometimes, but I’m always intrigued by YA books about cults. After loving Courtney Summer’s Sadie back in 2018, I’m really looking forward to reading her latest book, following one girl’s quest to uncover the mysterious cult her sister joined when tragedy hit their family. Add It on Goodreads

A Pho Love Story by Loan Le | RD: February 9 

There’s something about contemporary books featuring teens whose families own rival businesses, whether it be bookstores or restaurants (as is the case with A Pho Love Story) that always hook me in. Linh and Bao’s families own rival pho restaurants. Based on the synopsis, Linh and Bao begin to grow close and suspect there’s something else to their families’ rivalry other than competition. Add It on Goodreads

The Love Proof by Madeleine Henry | RD: February 16

The Love Proof sounds like it’ll be one of the most unique books I read this year. The book follows a physics prodigy at Yale, Sophie, who falls in love with a guy named Jake during the first week at school, and I think the book follows Sophie’s life and her connection to Jake over decades. Add it on Goodreads 

A Court of Silver Flames (ACOTAR #4) by Sarah J. Maas | Release Date: February 16

As of right now, Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Silver Flames is my MOST anticipated adult fiction release of 2021. We all know that Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series is way more new adult than young adult, but this fourth installment in the series is finally being marketed as a new adult/adult fiction read. Unpopular opinion, but I actually like Nesta more than Feyre and I LOVEEEE Cassian, so I am so excited to see Nesta and Cassian hopefully come together. I don’t on planning rereading the first three ACOTAR books before A Court of Silver Flames, but I may reread A Court of Frost and Starlight. Add it on Goodreads

Infinite Country by Patricia Engel | RD: February 23

Infinite Country sounds like the perfect crossover read for adult and YA fans alike, following generations of one Colombian’s immigration to America.I’ve heard that Patricia Engel’s writing style is so lyrical, so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up. Add it on Goodreads

What books are you looking forward to in January and February? Any recommendations for me? Share in the comments! 

13 thoughts on “January & February 2021 Anticipated Releases 

  1. I honestly had no idea until I read your post that Rachel Hawkins was diving into writing adult thrillers- so interesting! Honestly I have mixed feelings about authors crossing genres but I know she’s been a staple in the YA world for so long that it will be interesting to see how she writes adult thrillers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like 2021 is the year of YA authors crossing into adult fiction, & I’m so interested in seeing how their books compare!


  2. So many good books coming out! I’ve read an ARC for The Ex Talk and I can honestly say it doesn’t disappoint. It’s so good! I’m also really excited for The Court of Silver Flames. Great post! – Amber

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