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With Halloween coming up this weekend, it’s time to really break out the pumpkins and fall decor this week! I don’t have a costume planned for this year, but I am wearing a candy corn face mask for work this week to get into the Halloween spirit. I was tagged by The Book Bratz to do the Hallotober Blog Tag. The Hallotober Tag was created by Jordanne of The Life of a Glasgow Girl.

What’s the worst Halloween candy? 

I am a huge chocolate fan, but I never really liked ‘sugary’ candies, with Laffy Taffy as my least favorite. 

What is your favorite horror novel or short story? 

It’s definitely not considering a straight-up horror book, but I love, love Carmen Maria Machado’s short story collection, Her Body and Other Parties

What was the last halloween costume you wore?

I dressed up as a mermaid last year – if I somehow have to dress up again this year, I’ll probably throw the mermaid scale leggings back on!

What is your favorite fall snack?

I don’t think I change up my eating habits too much in the fall – I definitely reach for pumpkin spice coffee, but I’m not a fan of pumpkin-flavored foods (yes, this includes pumpkin pie). I’m definitely more of an apple fan over pumpkin, so I feel like I do tend to eat more apples in the fall, and I’ve been planning on making an apple pie with coffee crumb topping soon. 

This photo was taken last fall – I actually didn’t make my way to a pumpkin patch this year.

Do you carve pumpkins?

I tend to paint them instead of carve!

Do you prefer horror movies or stories?

You might know that I’m not the biggest horror fan in general,  but I’d rather take horror in book over movie form. 

What is your favorite halloween memory?

I can’t think of a particular moment, but until about seventh grade, I always went trick-or-treating with my two younger sisters. I probably got bratty at times for not being able to go trick-or-treating with my friends, but looking back, I’m so glad we got to have those memories together. We always loved coming home and dumping all of our candy on to the table and dividing it into categories while we ate dinner. There were actually 2 years we didn’t go traditional trick-or-treating because we spent Halloween weekend in Hershey Park!

Do you prefer to give out candy or get candy?

Haley from age 0 to 13 would definitely answer get candy, but I’ve grown to love giving out candy because I love seeing what costumes little kids come up with! I have to say, my favorite from years past has been a kid who dressed up as a Toy Story green alien. 

My dorm room door last October

Do you decorate for halloween or fall?

I tend to do a mix of both! My suite mate and I last year had a more Halloween feel for our suite doors and common area last year, while we used more fall-like decor for our dorm rooms and bathroom. Since my family and I are past the trick-or-treat stage, we tend to decorate the interior and outside of our house more so for fall with mums and pumpkins. I honestly haven’t had the time or desire to decorate my bedroom for the fall this year, but I will be breaking out my Christmas decorations very soon!

Do you have a favorite urban legend? If so what is it?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite – I feel like I learned about the Jersey Devil every year in elementary school!

Would you rather spend a night in a grave yard or a haunted house?

I think I would go with haunted house – I’d cheat and spend the entire night with all the lights on and with a few books & friends as company. 

What is your favorite spooky movie?

Does The Nightmare Before Christmas count as a spooky movie? I personally love how it works both a Halloween and Christmas film! 

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Favorite Halloween movie? Are you dressing up this year? Share in the comments! 

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