Recent TBR Additions: October 2020

Last week, I officially hit my unofficial goal of reading 100 books in 2020! I’m not sure if I’ll pass my 2019 reading total of 127 books, but regardless, I am so happy about how much I have read this year, given that the world has been a mess and I’ve been going to school throughout all of it.

One of the reasons why I’ve been able to read 100+ books per year for the past 3 years is likely because I’m always adding books to my to-be-read pile. I haven’t done a TBR additions post since May, & today I’ll be sharing some books I’ve added to my TBR over the past few weeks.

Party of Two (The Wedding Date #5) by Jasmine Guillory

As a contemporary romance reader, I feel that it’s time for meto finally dive into a Jasmine Guillory novel. I know Party of Two is the fifth companion book in The Wedding Date series, and I should probably read one of the other books first, but I’m too intrigued by this installment’s political synopsis (a lawyer starts dating a high-profile politician). If you’ve read these books, let me know if I should read the first four companion books firs

Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu 

You likely know that I am more than willing to read ANY book about a wedding, and I am so intrigued by Diksha Basu’s Destination Wedding. The main character and her best friend travel to India for her cousin’s weeklong wedding, with plenty of family drama and relationship drama in store. 

Nobody Will Tell You This But Me: A True (as Told to Me) Story  by Bess Kalb 

I’ve been doing a mini deep dive into non-fiction and memoirs in 2020, and the next memoir on my list is Bess’ Kalb’s Nobody Will Tell You This But Me. The book follows Bess Kalb’s relationship with her grandmother and four generations of women in their family. The novel is told in her grandmother’s voice. I’ll likely borrow this one as physical copy from the library, but I’m thinking about reading it as an audiobook.

The Roommate by Rosie Danan 

The hype has finally gotten me, and I’ve added Rosie Dana’s The Roommate to my TBR. This book is the definition of mixed reviews, having had many friends & fellow bloggers either LOVE or feel pretty meh about it. 

To Be Released

I didn’t want to share too many anticipated releases in this post because I’ve recently added some 2021 releases to my Goodreads, and I’ll be sharing my most anticipated 2021 releases posts in the next few weeks (!!). I did want to share these two November releases I haven’t yet mentioned on the blog at all.

Cobble Hill by Cecily von Ziegesar (Release Date: November 10)

I didn’t read Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl books growing up (I did of course read The Clique and Pretty Little Liars), but I am intrigued to pick up this adult contemporary following four families in an upscale Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s gotten mixed early reviews from a few bloggers I follow, but I still want to give it a chance because I love ‘slice of life’ type reads and any books following elite/wealthy families. Cobble Hill is sort’ve giving my Emma Straub vibes, but maybe more glitzy? 

A Promised Land by Barack Obama (Release Date: November 17) 

Michelle Obama’s Becoming started my non-fiction read kick in 2020, and I am really looking forward to reading Barack Obama’s first presidential memoir. This memoir will track his early political years and conclude near the end of his first four years as president, with a second memoir to follow. As I was writing this post, I realized A Promised Land is 700+ pages, so I think I’ll be reading this while reading other books and/or borrowing it as an audiobook from the library for quite a while. 


What books have you recently added to your TBR? Have you read any of the books that I mentioned? Share in the comments! 

5 thoughts on “Recent TBR Additions: October 2020

  1. I’ve been going back and forth on The Roommate too, but I think after seeing you add it to your TBR, I’m inspired to add it to mine! 😅 Also wow did not realize A Promised Land was 700+ pages….Barack, you’re killin’ me! I still stan though. Great list!! ♥

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