Fangirl News Round Up #3: Upcoming Books, TV, & Event Updates

I didn’t plan on having another bookish news round-up posted in April, but keeping up with book and other fandom news, TV and events included, has been one of my favorite ways to distract myself lately—even though some of the following changes have been caused by the current state of the world. My first and second round-ups are titled as ‘Bookish News,’ but I decided to change this series to ‘Fangirl News’ because I want to talk about things other than books. I am going to discuss some more changed dates today, but this round-up thankfully has more good news than bad!

Bookish News

New Release Date for Love & Olives by Jenna Evans Welch | Release Date: November 10

The third book in Jenna Evans Welch’s Love & Gelato series, Love & Olives, will now be released on November 10, 2020. Love & Olives was originally scheduled to release in July. I think this will such a great summer escape read this winter because the book takes place in Greece!

Love at First Fight by Sandhya Menon | Release Date: June 1/June 30

Sandhya Menon will be publishing another Dimpleverse e-novella, Love at First Sight! While I’m not the biggest novella fan, I absolutely adored Sandhya Menon’s first e-novella, As Kismet Would Have It, featuring Dimple & Rishi and Sweetie & Ashish. Love at First Fight will again include those two couples, but also Pinky and Samir- the leads of 10 Things I Hate About Pinky (July 21, 2020). This new e-novella does not contain spoilers for 10 Things I Hate About Pinky. Love at First Fight technically has two release dates. If you register for an account at, you can access the e-novella for free starting on June 1. It will then be available to purchase as an e-novella on June 30.

New Jenn Bennett YA Book | Release Date: Fall 2021

Jenn Bennett announced on her social media that week that she has another YA contemporary published by Simon & Schuster coming in Fall 2021! As one of my all-time favorite authors, this is such exciting news to begin with, but especially since Jenn Bennett’s 2020 release, Chasing Lucky, was recently pushed back to November 2020. The Fall 2021 release’s working title is Always June, but Jenn said in her Instagram announcement that the title is likely to change.

Dimpleverse Box Set | Release Date: August 18, 2020

In more Sandhya Menon bookish news, When Dimple Met Rishi, There’s Something About Sweetie, and 10 Things I Hate About Pinky will now be available as a box set in August! I think this is such a fun way to collect her books, especially if you’ve only read one and have the others on your TBR.

Book Expo & Book Con 2020 Cancelled

Reed Pop officially announced that Book Expo and Book Con will not take place until 2021. Unfortunately, I knew that this cancellation would likely come since the Javits Center was converted into a field hospital. Reed Pop has also suggested that they are considering moving Book Expo and Book Con to another location or city in the future.

TV Happenings

Parks and Recreation Reunion Special – Honestly,  the Parks and Recreation special was the true inspiration for today’s post. Partnering with Feeding America and State Farm, Parks and Recreation will be airing a special reunion episode tomorrow night, April 30! Filmed at their homes and via online meeting, this is an actual follow-up Parks and Rec episode because the cast will be playing their characters and is set during social distancing! While I wish it weren’t due to current circumstances, I am beyond grateful for this special and love how it supporting a good cause.

Hollywood (Netflix) – The trailer of Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series, Hollywood, recently dropped and I am so excited to reunite with one of my (many) crushes from Glee, Darren Criss. I’m looking forward to checking this one out. I could be wrong, but I believe it was originally scheduled to come out in June. Related to the Ryan Murphy TV world, I’m hoping this means that the second season of The Politician will still come out this summer. Hollywood comes out on May 1st.

Becoming (Netflix) –  A few friends and I are currently reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming, so our group chat blew up when we found out that there will be a Becoming documentary hitting Netflix on May 6th. The documentary follows Michelle Obama on the Becoming book tour.

Some other newly announced shows I’m looking forward to in May include Workin’ Moms Season 4 (Netflix), Ben Platt’s concert special (Netflix), Camp Getaway (Bravo), and Selling Sunset Season 2 (Netflix).


What books and TV shows are you looking forward to this summer and fall? Share in the comments!

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