Star Wars, SJM, & Sidekicks: Sunshine Blogger Award Part 4

It’s been a few weeks (okay, three) since I’ve done a book tag, so I was very excited when Alexandra of Reading by Starlight nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This award brings attention to bloggers who bring sunshine- positivity and optimism (okay, throw some sarcastic bookish remarks in there too)- to the community. Typically, nominees answer 11 questions from the previous nominee and then create another 11 questions for 11 more nominees.

I’ve done the Sunshine Blogger Award three times- Alexandra also nominated me two times!- but I love both Alexandra’s blog and her questions too much to pass up the opportunity to do this award post again!

What is your favorite Sarah J. Maas book and what makes it your favorite?

This is never an easy question, but I’m going to go with Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4). If you’re curious, my #2 is Tower of Dawn because Chaol Westfall, and House of Earth & Blood might be stealing #3 (which is always a toss up between A Court of Mist and Fury and Empire of Storms). Anyways, Queen of Shadows is my favorite because I love the balance of the many different perspectives. This installment also has such a huge emphasis on the friendships and romances, with many of them finding their start in this one and dealing with the battles ahead.


Who is your favorite bookish sidekick?

It’s probably because I’m still on the House of Earth and Blood/SJM reading high, but I’m going with two new favorite sidekicks, Lehebah and Sprinx.

Create a quick, five song playlist for any book.

whaI am going with a playlist for a recent read, Marisa Kanter’s What I Like About You:

“Keeping a Secret” by Bleachers

“Breathe” by Taylor Swift

“Island in the Stream” by Dolly Parton

“It’s Nice to Have a Friend” by Taylor Swift

“Run Away” by Ben Platt

Name a book and series you think is criminally underrated.

I don’t know if it’s necessarily criminally underrated, but I have much love for Jenna Evans Welch’s Love & Gelato series. I think YA contemporary series don’t get as much attention as YA fantasy/sci-fi series, and I can’t wait for everyone to re-dive into this world with the third book, Love & Olives, coming this summer.

Who’s your favorite superhero and why? 

Spider-Man because I’ve enjoyed all the Spider-Man films (yes, all three series and yes, Tom Holland is my favorite) and they’ve all been there during different parts of my life: Toby McGuire during childhood, Andrew Garfield during high school, and Tom Holland during college.

Where is your dream holiday/vacation destination?

I’m already ready to go back to Ireland and I definitely have more countries and states on my bucket list, but lately I’ve been craving some warm weather, so for today, let’s go with California! I really want to explore San Francisco, and I can’t go any place that’s near the ocean without hitting the beach.IMG_E4248

You’re stranded on a deserted island, you have five characters with you. Who are they?

Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass), Levi (Fangirl), Birdie (Serious Moonlight), Lara Jean (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), & Lennon (Starry Eyes)

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, always coffee. Again, I think I’m just ready for warm weather, but I’ve been on a slight iced coffee kick again- and caramel is also an added bonus.

What’s your favorite holiday destination/vacation and why?

Hershey, PA has always been my family’s go-to vacation spot, and I fall in love with it more and more with every visit. Visiting the hometown of Hershey’s Chocolate just fills me with such nostalgia and I always make the best memories with my family while I’m there. While yes, it is a bit of a tourist destination, the crowds and tourist-atmosphere are never too overwhelming and I find that part of Pennsylvania to be so pretty.

If you could save one character from their death in any Harry Potter book who would you save and why? 

Wow this is such a difficult (& good) question! There are honestly so many possibilities, but I’m going to go with Sirius Black because he’s one of my favorite characters and I wish at least one of the (good) Mauraders would have been a little bit longer for Harry’s sake.

What are you currently bingeing on Disney+?

I absolutely love this question because I love diving into Disney+! I’ve been on a bit of a Star Wars kick in 2020, so over the past few months, I’ve been bingeing all the Star Wars films. I also binge-watched The Mandalorian over spring break and absolutely loved it! I am not-so patiently waiting for The Rise of Skywalker to hit Disney+ (which unfortunately likely won’t be until the summer).


What are you binge-watching on Disney+ right now? Who would you bring on a deserted island? Share your responses to any of the questions I answered in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Star Wars, SJM, & Sidekicks: Sunshine Blogger Award Part 4

  1. Thank you so much for answering my questions – again lol! 😂😂😂 I have to agree with you one Queen of Shadows, while it’s not my TOP favorite Sarah J. Maas book [we’ll save that for Heir of Fire and A Court of Mist and Fury respectively] it’s definitely up there. I know what you mean about balance though – it was such a well rounded, perfectly fleshed adventure. The whole Lysandra and Aelin dynamic, screwing with Arobynn, shattering the glass castle – I mean, need I go on???

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