Book Sleeve Wishlist Part 2

The spring seems to be one of my biggest spending times of the year, right next to the start of summer and holiday season.  It must be something with the nice weather calling my wallet, as I prep for and spend days & nights out with friends, spring formals, and school ceremonies & events (including my own graduation!!). There are  also many amazing books coming out this season, so I know a trip or two to the bookstore are soon in my future. That being said, while I’m trying to be diligent about my spending, I am still my fangirl self and find myself looking at new book sleeves.

Trends come and go in the book community, but book sleeves are so here to stay! I started using book sleeves in 2018 and I 100% believe that they are worth the investment. As someone who almost always has a book in her bag, book sleeves protect my books from getting damaged. And yes, the cute designs add to my love.

Since I just received two new sleeves over the holidays (they’re Jumbeau sleeves from Book Beau and the size & zippers are EVERYTHING), I’ll be honest and admit that I probably won’ be adding any new sleeves to be collection anytime soon. However, the following sleeves may just call my name too strongly when stress window-shopping on a busy homework night.

Book Beau: Anatomical Book-Beats Traveler


I’m definitely interested in trying out Book Beau’s new Traveler size. I think the shape of it may be more friendly towards handbags, and I really like the extra storage pouch.

Book Beau: Lumos 


I’m in love with all of Book Beau’s Harry Potter inspired prints. I’d love to add them all to my collection, but Lumos particularly catches my eye. I’d probably get this one in XL, especially since all of Book Beau’s new sleeves have zippers now.

The Cozy Life: Little Red Truck


I’m that person who shops for Christmas merch all year long – my mom recently bought me a Christmas wine glass and I picked up some ornaments when I was in Ireland earlier this year. That being said, I didn’t realize I needed a holidays-inspired book sleeve in my life until I was browsing through The Cozy Life. I definitely will check out some more holiday-inspired prints come the fall.

Book Beau: Special Delivery


Again, I am ready to make a book sleeve section on my Harry Potter shelf.

Ardent Admirations: Star Wars 


As you could probably tell with the HP-inspired prints on this wishlist, I love book sleeves that combine the bookish life with other fandoms. I’ve been getting more and more into Star Wars in 2020 and would love to add an inspired sleeve to my collection.

While many of these prints are no longer available, check out my first book sleeve wishlist and some of my sleeves.


Do you collect and use book sleeves? What are your favorite shops? Share in the comments!  


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