Spring 2020 Adult Anticipated Releases

Over the past two years, I have been reaching more & more for new adult and adult fiction books. Although YA will always have my heart, I’ve had so much fun delving into adult contemporary romance and find myself always on the hunt for recommendations. Fortunately, there are SO many adult fiction books coming out over March, April, and May from my favorite authors and exciting new debut authors. Spring 2020 is deifntiely my most anticipated new release season this year. But no worries Fall 2020, I cannot wait to have my hands-on so many books then too (I’m looking at you The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Snapped.

downloadCrescent City by Sarah J. Maas

Of course as I mention my excitement for all the contemporary books, the first book here is Sarah J. Maas’s adult fantasy, Crescent City. I won’t go into too many details because I feel like I’ve talked about this book a few times on the blog already, but just know my March 3 will include tackling (or at least going to the bookstore & buying) this 816 page monster.

Release Date: March 3




The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

Having loved One Day in December over the holiday season last year, I am really excited to jump back into Josie Silver’s storytelling with The Two Lives of Lydia Bird. I usually don’t reach for ‘what-if’ romances, but I think I will enjoy Josie Silver’s take.

Release Date: March 3




Undercover Bromance (Bromance Book Club #2)

Since The Bromance Book Club was one of my last (and favorite) reads of 2019, this companion series is still so fresh in my mind. I’m excited to go back to this sports romance world, as Braden helps Liv get back into the Nashville restaurant scene while getting the Bromance Book Club to help him win her heart.

Release Date: March 10



Break your Break Your Glass Slippers (You Are Your Own Fairy Tale #1) by Amanda Lovelace

It’s been a while since I’ve read a poetry collection, making me even more exicted to read Amanda Lovelace’s upcoming Cinderella retelling.

Release Date: March 17



71qWViPHwYLThe Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren

I finally started reading Christina Lauren’s books in 2019 and after having enjoyed Twice in a Blue Moon and The Unhoneymooners, I feel like any books of theirs are now automically added to my TBR pile. I really love the home improvement/design TV show spin, as well as the total rom-com movie vibes as always when it comes to Christina Lauren.

Release Date: March 25




You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

You Deserve Each Other seems to flip a lot about what we expect from fiancés in a rom com. Instead of being excited about their upcoming wedding, Naomi and Nicholas both realize they are not happy in their relationship. But since the one who backs out is stuck with the nonrefundable wedding bill, the couple go head-to-head in making the other give in – and have a lot more fun then expected.

Release Date: April 7



All Adults Here by Emma Straub

Having really enjoyed Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers and The Vacationers, I immediately put All Adults Here on my TBR as soon it was announced. Throughout her books, I love how Emma Straub explores multiple generations in often flawed, but very much loveable families.

Release Date: May 5




Beach Read by Emily Henry

There are SO many things about Emily Henry’s Beach Read that make me want to have in my hands ASAP: three summer months, two writers, one beach house, and a whole lot of love surely to come.

Release Date: May 19



Looking for upcoming YA books? Check out my most anticipated spring 2020 YA releases.


What adult books are you anticipating this spring? Any that I mentioned? Share in the comments! 

6 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Adult Anticipated Releases

  1. Awesome post! On my TBR is DEFINITELY House of Earth and Blood, I am so excited about that one. Also really excited for Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare, and the Midnight Lie by Marie Rutkoski. I didn’t know about Break Your Glass Slippers but I am super keen to read it now!

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    • I can’t wait to pick up Crescent City on Tuesday, and I do want to check out Marie Rutkoski’s new book. So glad you know about Break Your Glass Slippers now! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So many of these books seem and look so cute! I’m a total sucker for this cartoonish/graphic front cover trend that’s happening right now 😅. Also, that Christina Lauren book sounds so charming! I definitely need to see what the hype is all about with her books this year 😁.

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