NEW YEAR, SAME FANGIRL: January 2020 Wrap Up

January 2020 has been one of the busiest months of my life. I spent so much time with my friends this month, went abroad (for the first time ever) to Ireland, and jumped into my final undergraduate semester. Between friends, school, and abroad, I didn’t have too much time to dedicate to reading in January- and I’m content with that. I really enjoyed the books that I did pick up, as well as the TV and films I was able to also watch this month.

whatireadnew The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper (ARC) | 3/5 Stars

The Gravity of Us delivered on its NASA and space-premise, but I just wasn’t a fan of the chemistry between the main characters and character development.

The Risk (Briar U #2) by Elle Kennedy | 5/5

The Risk is my favorite book in the Briar U series! I loved everything about this book, and I can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy- even though I am putting it off for a bit longer because I don’t want to be done with the Off Campus world yet!

You’re Not You by Michelle Wildgen | 4/5

You’re Not You was a really enjoyable adult contemporary and I’m interested in watching its film adaptation.

Together We Caught Fire by Eva V. Gibson (ARC) | 3/5

Together We Caught Fire is definitely a unique YA contemporary romance and provides an in-depth look at a lot of issues. However, I was not the biggest fan of the character and plot development and relationships.

I’m not counting these towards by reading challenge since they are for school, but I read Art Spiegelman’s Maus and Maus II and Primo Levi’s If This Is a Man for my independent study.


 Grace and Frankie S6 (Netflix) – One of my most anticipated TV releases of 2020, I tried not to rush through the latest season of Grace and Frankie. I managed to watch all thirteen episodes in less than a week- to be honest, I could have really ignored homework and watched all 13 in a day, but I wanted to stretch it out. Anyways, Grace and Frankie S6 was such a strong season.  The last episode made me laugh out loud the most.

Spinning Out S1 (Netflix) – I’ve been loving so many of Netflix’s drama series lately, the most recent being Spinning Out. I watched 7 episodes on my flights to and from Ireland because this fictional show following young adult figure skaters is that addicting! I wouldn’t say it’s the world’s best acting, but I still enjoyed the plot and story.

Schitt’s Creek S6 (Pop TV) – I was home for one weekend in January, which meant that I had to get up-to-date with as many Schitt’s Creek episodes as possible. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, but it’s been a really strong start. Live love David and Patrick as always.

Sex Education S2 (Netflix) – One of my best friends and I made it our mission this month to watch the second season of Sex Education together. We watched all eight episodes over three nights, and we were finally screaming over the relationships and what could happen next at the end of each episode.

Say Yes to the Dress America (TLC) – One of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows came back in 2020 with a new twist. Say Yes to the Dress America follows various brides involved in Say Yes to the Dress’ epic wedding in which brides from all over the U.S. get married on the same day at Central Park.

Big Hero 6 (Disney+) – I finally checked off another movie on my Disney+ must-watch list by watching Big Hero Six for the first time! My friends and I had a movie night this week and I’m so glad we went with this pick. Big Hero Six was so much more emotional than I could have expected, and I fell in love with Baymax even more than expected as well!

Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2: The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones (Disney+) – My mom and I continued our mission to watch/rewatch all the Star Wars movies by watching Episodes I and II. I really liked Episode I, but I was not a fan of Episode II. Attack of the Clones made me understand why a lot of fans find this trilogy very cheesy.

Started watching: Cheer (Netflix) & The Ranch (Netflix)



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ADVENTURES ABROAD: My Trip to Ireland 


Study abroad & back to school– The biggest life happening for me this month was going on a study abroad trip to Ireland. I have a post dedicated to my trip, but I loved this experience so much and I definitely even have more wanderlust now! As soon as I got back from the trip, I started my final semester of my senior year of college. This semester is definitely going to bittersweet, but I’m going to do my best to spend as much time with my friends and make memories while balancing some really exciting school projects.

 Miss Americana documentary- There always has to be some sort of fangirl-related content in my life happenings, right? I feel like so many moments in my life can connect back to Taylor Swift. While I was in Ireland, Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana documentary with Netflix was announced. There have been some mixed early reviews, but I’m still excited to check this one out to learn more about the gap between Reputation and Lover– and see her wok on “Me!” with Brendon Urie.


What did you read and watch in January? What are you looking forward to in February? Any recommendations for me? Share in the comments!

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