Book & Fangirl Christmas Haul 2019

The holiday season has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love getting into the festive spirit and listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album. Although I couldn’t be more than excited for the new year ahead, I admit that I still have a little bit of the holiday spirit in me- how could I not when Arthur Christmas was just added on Netflix?? I have a few bookish and fangirl gifts that were generously given to me by Santa (aka my family) this Christmas that I have to look forward to using and reading in 2020.


Rebel (Legend #4) by Marie Lu

Rebel is the much anticipated follow-up fourth novel to Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy. The Legend trilogy were the first Marie Lu books that I had ever read. They still remain as my favorite Marie Lu series. I had intended to reread Legend, Prodigy, and Champion in 2019, but I’ll be 100% honest and admit that I ended up not in the mood to reread them this past fall. Rebel can apparently be read as a standalone, but I really want to re-familiarize myself with this world. One of my reading goals for January and February is reread all three books and then dive into Rebel.


The Risk and The Play (Briar U #2 and Briar U #3) by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy is one of favorite new adult authors, having loved her Off-Campus series and really enjoying the first book in the Briar U series, The Chase. Briar U is the spin-off series to Off-Campus. Both books are set at the fictional Briar University and follow relationships between a wide cast of female characters and male Briar U hockey players. I absolutely love sports romance, so I knew I needed to continue on with the Briar U series with The Risk and The Play. Each of these books can be read as a standalone, as they follow different couples in the Briar U world. However, I personally like reading each book in publication order because Elle Kennedy often  features previous main characters. I decided to ask for these books for Christmas because my library unfortunately does not have the Briar U series and I already own The Chase.

Fangirl & Bookish Items

Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series

prsAs many of you know, Parks and Recreation is my all-time favorite TV show. With NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, coming in 2020, it is more than likely than most of NBC’s shows, Parks & Rec included, will be taken off other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. That being said, I couldn’t imagine not having my favorite TV show on hand at anytime. I’d been eyeing the Parks and Rec DVD set even before the streaming wars. Although it was on my Christmas list, I wasn’t expecting Santa to bring it this year. I’m especially excited to check out some of the included deleted scenes and gag reels that I haven’t been able to find on YouTube.

Book Beau Jumbeaus 

If there’s one bookish item that I 110% stand by, its Book Beaus or book sleeves. I previously had two book sleeves from Book Beau. Book Beaus are made with such quality and as someone who is constantly traveling with books in tow, they make for the perfect protection. Both of my Book Beaus, the Alice in Wonderland Amazon exclusive and Bon Voyage, are XL. Although I can at least one paperback or hardcover and sometimes two paperbacks at a time in them, I struggle to get bigger hardcovers in them- Harry Potter, Sarah J. Maas and Marissa Meyer’s books all included.


That being said, I recently have had my eye on their Jumbeaus, which are the biggest size and have zippers – although recently, now all Book Beaus have zippers regardless of size! This yea,r I was generously gifted two Jumbeaus! I got the Jumbeaus in the Wizardly Bookshelf and Books in Bloom prints. I love all the Harry Potter details on Wizardly Bookshelf and Books in Bloom is just so beautiful! They perfectly fit in my backpack and Coach tote bag. I also loved the raised label on the newer Book Beaus. While I don’t see myself buying another book sleeve any time soon, I also love the Romantic Reads, Special Delivery, and Lumos prints.



Are you a book sleeve fan? Did you receive any new books this holiday season? Share in the comments!

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