Even though I feel like I dedicated more time to reading, given the amount of books I read, I also dived into a lot of TV this year. I’m always on the hunt for TV shows that I know I’ll likely enjoy from the get-go or will only take a few episodes to get into. With a few exceptions, the biggest theme of my TV watching in 2019 was watching shows with episodes between 20-20 minutes. I feel like I watched a lot of shows in 2018 and even earlier in the year that were hitting the near the 60 minute mark, so I think my head was just ready for some lighter and shorter episodes. As per usual, comedy also made up most of my watching.


Derry Girls S1 & S2 (Netflix)

I’m likely going to say this about nearly every show on this list, but I love everything about Derry Girls! This show is set in 1990s Ireland and follows a group of very dysfunctional friends growing up in Derry. Only six episodes per season at 25 minutes each, I highly recommend binge-watching both seasons available on Netflix over one day—even though you’ll be on one of the worst TV show hangovers after.

Sex Education S1 (Netflix)

My friends kept telling me watch Sex Education back in March and I’m so glad they did. The premise- a socially awkward teenager provides sex guidance to his classmates inspired by his growing up with his sex psychologist of a mother- completely sold. I’m so excited for season 2 in January.

Grace and Frankie S1-S5 (Netflix)

I spent June and July absolutely obsessed with Grace and Frankie. The show had been on my radar for a while and I can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner because it’s become one of my all-time favorite shows. Grace and Frankie is one of the few shows that is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud every episode. I recently got my best friend to watch it, and it’s been so fun re-following it along wit her. I definitely see myself rewatching a few episodes before Season 6 premieres in January.

Workin’ Moms S1-S3 (Netflix)

Workin’ Moms was the first show I dived into when I moved back home for the summer. The show follows a group of friends who are all dealing with the challenges of being working mothers while also finding themselves in a wide range of shenanigans and relationship problems. There’s definitely some mature content, aka sex, in this one that makes for a lot of funny moments. This is another gem that my best friend and I are both obsessed with.  We texted non-stop when S2 dropped this summer, and we had both finished S3 during by the second weekend of the fall semester. We’re unfortunately in for the long haul when it comes to S4 being available in the US, since it airs first on CBC and then goes to Netflix US after. It’s set to air in Canada during winter 2020, which means we likely won’t have it in the US until 2021.

The Politician S1 (Netflix)

If I can only show one show on this list to have the next season immediately, I would hands-down choose The Politician S2. I loved everything about this dreamed, and it definitely reignited my celeb crush on Ben Platt. Its 40+ minute episodes had me hooked throughout each episode. It definitely has a bizarre moment or two- it truly is a blend of AHS, Glee, and American Crime Story meeting high school politics- but it works so, so well! I’ve also been listening to the music/covers from the show non-stop. I’m so happy that we only have to wait until June for S2.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S3 (Prime)

Considering that I’ve only watched three episodes so far, I am cheating a bit with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but how could I not love the latest season of one of my all-time favorite TV shows?? Based on what I’ve watched so far, I’m once again in love with the cinematography and how much this show gives me Gilmore Girls vibes. I’m also so interested in each other character’s development this season, and I really don’t know what to expect from Midge and Joel’s relationship.

Schitt’s Creek S1-S5 (Pop TV/Netflix)

After seeing all the Twitter hype, I watched the first few episodes of Schitt’s Creek this summer and couldn’t really get into it. It wasn’t until this October when I was in a semi-TV watching slump after The Politician that I decided to give it another shot. And I’m so happy I did because this show completely dominated my TV-watching in October and November! Schitt’s Creek is truly a show that gets better and better with each season, and the character and relationship development is done so well. This is another show that is almost guaranteed to make me laugh-out-loud at least one time per episode.

Sugar Rush S2 & Sugar Rush Christmas (Netflix)

There always has to be at least one baking show on my favorites list, with this year’s being Sugar Rush.

Last Chance U

Like baking shows, football-inspired shows have also become a trend in my TV life. Last Chance U is a docuseries following two community colleges where players dream of making it to D1 schools after experiencing myriad setbacks. My dad watched the show along with me earlier in the year, and we were able to watch S4 together this summer.

All-Time Favorite for the Year: Grace and Frankie

Honorable Mentions

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S6 (NBC)

I loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, but I feel I didn’t LOVE it as much as some of the earlier seasons. My favorite episodes were “Honeymoon,” “Hitchcock and Scully,” and “The Golden Child.”

Selling Sunset S1 (Netflix)

I watched a lot of reality TV in high school, and although I don’t watch too much of it anymore outside two or three shows on TLC, I still have a small craving for it. Enter Selling Sunset, a reality show about women who sell high-end houses in LA. Trust me, it works, having binge-watched the entire season over the last two days of my spring break. It’s rumored that there will be a second season in February.

Outdaughtered (TLC)

My favorite TLC show (no worries, Say Yes to the Dress is right up there along with it, Outdpaughtered is my go-to reality TV show.

Girls Incarcerated S1&S2 (Netflix)

Girls Incarcerated is the more serious version of Netflix’s Jailbirds (another Netflix hit this summer that I also really enjoyed), following teenage girls in juvenile detention centers.

Catastrophe (Prime)

I watched Catastrophe back in September in between Workin’ Moms and The Politician. It definitely took me a few episodes to settle into it, but I enjoyed its off-beatness and maturity.

Friends From College S2 (Netflix)

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first season,  Friends From College really delivered in the plot development and humor departments. I’m actually a little sad that the show won’t be returning for a third season.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru (Netflix)

As someone who doesn’t really watch animated shows, I found myself obsessed with Rilakkuma and Kaoru back in April. This show put the biggest smile on my face and I would absolutely love a second season.

Insatiable S2 (Netflix)

The biggest guilty pleasure on this list, I enjoyed Insatiable S2 way more than the show’s first season. This show is absolutely ridiculous but always had me invested and entertained.

Big Little Lies S2 (HBO)

Although I watched it every week and enjoyed a few plot developments, I found that despite its messages and awareness, Big Little Lies S2 was unnecessary.

The Bold Type S3 (Freeform)

Another situation where I totally wasn’t in love, but I found myself tuning into The Bold Type each week. Sutton and Richard are still my faves.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace (FX/Netflix)

My sisters and I spent MLK Day weekend binge-watching The Assassination of Gianni Versacewhen it hit Netflix. As Glee fans, we were so excited to watch Darren Criss. While the middle episodes lagged for me, I totally understand the hype and praise for this show overall.


What TV shows were you obsessed with this year? Any of the above? Do you have any recommendations for me? Share in the comments!

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