BOOKISH BACK TO SCHOOL: September 2019 Wrap Up

September has easily been my busiest month of 2019. This month marked my first full month as a college senior (!!!), which was filled with all the school things and reuniting with my best friends. Despite my heavy workload, I’m trying not to stress too much and really enjoy my last year of undergrad. I’m also genuinely enjoying almost everything I’m studying in my English and Communications classes. I’ve had some really fun experiences with my closest friends this month and while I’ve dealt with not the most fun situations, I’m trying to approach everything with as much positivity as possible.

What’s also been such a nice way to relieve some stress is the extra time I’ve had to read, since I commute for two hours two days a week by train this semester. As long as I don’t have pressing school reading to do, I’ve been reading for fun both ways!

Not mentioned below, but I’ve been doing a ton of reading for my English senior research project. I am not including the two primary texts towards my reading challenge because as much as I am enjoying studying them, they count more towards my school reading then reading for fun and review. I might talk about my project more towards the end of the semester, but it has a lot to do with young-adult books and their history and marketing. As time-consuming as scholarly reading is, I’m finding most of the readings so interesting!


The Art of Losing by Lizzy Mason | 3.5/5 Stars

The Art of Losing is one of the most open YA novels dealing with addiction and alcohol & drug use. I really enjoyed the two main relationships, but I found myself struggling to really connect with the story and its writing style.

Comics Will Break Your Heart by Faith Eric Hicks | 5/5

A few of the books I read this month made my fangirl heart so happy, but Comics Will Break Your Heart especially spoke to my love for fandom. The book deals with two rival families whose lives revolve around a very popular comic book series. From the family dynamics to the romance, I loved every element about Faith Erin Hicks’ first prose novel.


Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks | 5/5

Pumpkinheads was the ultimate reading high, putting together my love for a new-to-me favorite author and my all-time favorite author, Rainbow Rowell. Pumpkinheads was everything I wanted in this fall-themed novel and put me really in the mood for the season (I may or may have not bought pumpkin-spice coffee cups for my Keurig that same weekend).

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning | 4/5

I hadn’t had much luck with The Little Mermaid inspired retellings until Sarah Henning’s Sea Witch. This book was a lot of fun and the setting reminded me of The Little Mermaid meets Frozen?? I’ll be reading the sequel, Sea Witch Rising, in October.

Midnight at the Blackbird Café by Heather Webber|4.5/5

Midnight at the Blackbird Café was the cozy-filled book I didn’t realize my reader soul needed. I loved the emphasis on baking, family, and its touch of magical realism.

I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day (ARC) | 3.5/5

I Can Make This Promise was a really unique middle grade read, following one girl’s unraveling of her hidden Native American heritage.


The Liars of Mariposa Island by Jennifer Mathieu (ARC) | 4.5/5

The Liars of Mariposa Island took me by surprise in the best way possible, really enjoying this semi-historical fiction read exploring how a young girl’s escape from the Cuban revolution affects her life and two teenage children years later.

Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell | 4/5

I’m still trying to figure out my Wayward Son feels because even though I didn’t have a ton of expectations, this book was a lot of what I was not expecting.


Workin’ Moms S3 (Netflix)- Although Grace and Frankie is likely my favorite new-to-me TV show of 2019, Workin’ Moms has stolen my heart this year. This third season went into so many different directions that I wasn’t expecting- Anne and Kate, please make better decisions next season- but I loved the drama and quirkiness. This show genuinely makes me laugh-out-loud and I love its light-hearted and humorous attempt at some adult themes. Season 4 just started production, but I’m hoping this next season comes sooner rather than later.

Catastrophe S1-S4 (Prime)- I feel like I’m in between funny TV shows right now (I need the new seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Grace and Frankie right here and now, please), which led me to Catastrophe. The show follows what happens when an American advertising executive and an Irish schoolteacher leave things no strings attached during a business trip, until Sharon learns that she is pregnant with their child. The show deals with some darker themes and it took me a few episodes to really get into. It’s a great binge-watch, especially since each seasonis made up of 6 25-minute episodes. I found myself really enjoying the offbeat humor and found myself invested in the main and side characters’ storylines.

Falling Inn Love (Netflix)- I have been absolutely loving Neftlix’s romantic-comedies this year — which makes me super sad that I did not fall in love at all with Falling Inn Love. I’m all for the occasional Hallmark movie, but Falling Inn Love had an extreme level of cheesiness in its acting and plot that my best friend and I could not get behind.

Say Yes to the Dress S18 (TLC)- I think Say Yes to the Dress will forever be the epitome of comfort TV for me. I acutally walked past Kleinfield one day this month during my lunch break! I am really looking forward to Say Yes to the Dress America next year.

Currently watching: The Politician S1 (Netflix)



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While I didn’t do anything too bookish or fangirlish IRL this month, there is a bit of news that came out this month that I can’t help but keep talking about!

Siobhan Vivian’s new book, We Are the Wildcats, has an official release date and cover- I have been basically waiting for We Are the Wildcats since I finished reading (& utterly loving) Siobhan Vivian’s Stay Sweet in 2018. I am so excited for this field-hockey inspired story by one of my all-time favorite authors.

Laura Silverman’s Recommended for You Based on my love for her Girl Out of Water and this book’s charming synopsis, I’m really looking forward to Laura Silverman’s Fall 2020 release, Recommend for You. Also blame it on my already growing holiday spirit, but this book is set to follow teen bookseller Shoshanna during the holiday season.

2019 Movies I’m so excited for- I’m sure a lot of my feelings has to do with Netflix and Prime, but I haven’t been too excited for a lot of movies that came out in theaters this year- I only saw Toy Story 4 and Spider-Man 2: Far From Home and re-saw A Star is Born around Oscars-time. However, I will definitely be heading to the movies at least three more times this year for Frozen 2, Last Christmas, and Little Women!

The latest Frozen 2 trailer has me completely hooked and I’ll likely try to catch a screening during ‘a not-so popular with the kids’ time’. Christmas movies are among my absolute favorite things in the world, so add in Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding and you’ll have me bringing candy canes to the movies on November 8. While I have much love for the 1995 Little Women adaptation, this new adaptation looks so promising and again features a few of my faves.


What did you read and watch in September? What books and movies are you looking forward to for the rest of the year? Share in the comments!

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