My Favorite Bookshelf Decorations

While the books on the shelves do the same, bookshelf decorations speak to the reader’s personality. This post is inspired by an April 2019 Top Five Wednesday topic entitled ‘Collectibles on Bookshelf’. At the time of this topic, I think I didn’t have time to write during that point in the semester (aka the start of finals season). From candles to Funkos to photos and more, I absolutely love all of my decorations, but I do have my favorites.

I’ve discussed my Funko collection previously on the blog and while I love them all, listed below are my current favorites.


Luna Lovegood with Gryffindor Hat- I have the classic Luna Funko, but I always had my eyes on the Funko with her Gryffindor Hat. Once Barnes and Noble had her in stock again, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to have one of the best HP Funkos. I keep all of my HP Funkos on my Harry Potter bookshelf, but I love Luna so much that she sits on my contemporart shelf with my Parks and Rec Funkos.

Wonder Woman Funko- Wonder Woman is again one of my favorite Funkos, but I really love having her on my fantasy shelf and convenietly next to the DC Icons series.


Parks & Rec Funkos- Okay all of my Parks and Rec Funkos are getting the spotlight here, aside from my Bert Macklin Hot Topic exclusive that stays in the box. Leslie would be able to relate to many of the strong female protagonists in the books behind her.


Language of Thorns Photo Booth photos- At Book Con 2017, my mom and I took photos at a Language of Thorns-inspired photo booth. There’s a really funny photo out of the four where my mom is just staring at me (probably because I had my eyes elsewhere on a book).


Hamilton mug- I have a lot of mugs, but I like my Hamilton one because its my favorite Broadway fandom. I like using it to display my Harry Potter magnetic bookmarks.

Ron Swanson mugs- You know you are a true Parks fan when you have not one, but two Ron Swanson mugs.

Harry Potter candle- One of my best friends got me this Hogwarts-inspired candle for my birthday. I think she got it from Primark, which at least here in the US has a lot of cute HP merch. I’m debating if I’ll ever light it because I like having the white wax behind the Hogwarts photo.

Piggy Bank- One of the few non-book related decorations of my shelf, I picked up this shamrock-inspired piggy bank at a local Irish festival a few years ago. I think these non-bookish decorations can show off even more of your bookish personality.

IMG_3544 (1)IMG_3543


Since new topics for Top Five Wednesday are on hiatus this summer, I’ll be doing a few TFWs this summer with older topics.

What are your favorite bookshelf decorations? Share in the comments!

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