FLUFFILY ROYAL: Prince Charming Review

9781524738259Summary: Sixteen-year-old Daisy Winters is ready for a summer in Florida, working at the local grocery store and fangirling over her favorite book series with her best friend. But when her older sister gets engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland, Daisy is soon transported across the pond and into the relentless royal spotlight. With the dashing Miles tasked to teach her the royal etiquette and Prince Sebastian stirring up scandal wherever he goes, Daisy may not be turning into the perfect lady. Instead she’s rewriting the royal rule book.

 My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

 My Thoughts:

Blame it on the fact that The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement are two of my favorite movies, but I love books about royalty. Rachel Hawkins’ Prince Charming, previously titled Royals, has received so much attention among my fellow bloggers that I knew it was time to pick this one up.

If you’re ever in the mood for a fluffy read, Prince Charming is sure to please! The book follows sixteen-year old Daisy Winter’s summer adventure in Scotland after her sister gets engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. Prince Charming was a very quick read for me, having reading it over the course of a day. I think it would be the perfect read for readers who love eating books up in one sitting.

Prince Charming has the perfect blend of everyday girl living in Florida and everyday girl transported to the Highlands. I liked that the book’s first few chapters follow Daisy’s life in Florida before and after her sister, Ellie, drops her royal engagement to Alex. Isabel was a great friend and support for Daisy. I loved their bond for all things bookish and fandom. Daisy’s parents were absolutely hilarious and again acted as the perfect comical support for our main character.


While I did like the Florida setting, how could I not talk about Scotland and Daisy’s own royal treatment!? I wish the book had actually included more excerpts from the royal gossip sites because they were just that funny. I love a good transformation, and although Daisy doesn’t change too much, it was really fun to see her adopt some of the wardrobe, hats and plaid included. I even bookmarked this one line from Isabel about Glynnis, the royals’ assistant and basically Daisy’s personal stylist:

“ ‘That lady is totally getting you ready for the Hunger Games” had been Isabel’s reply’ ” (56).

Readers also spend much time with Prince Sebastian, Alex’s younger brother, and his friends, the Royal Wreckers. While the romance between Daisy and a certain someone was a tad predictable, it was a quite cute. I do wish we did get to spend time with them more and really see their feelings develop for one another.

My major disappointment with Prince Charming that many readers have also had was the lack of details. While fast reads can be nice every once and a while, I just felt like Prince Charming was missing something. I didn’t really get to know the characters and some of their reveals just did not feel right (thinking especially of Sebastian’s to Daisy in the pub).The storyline moved very fast, and the chapters often led with some sort of unresolved cliffhanger or detail. In addition, Daisy’s resolutions with two particular characters near the end of the book felt a bit too convenient. While there’s a chance the upcoming companion book, Her Royal Highness, may cover it, I also wish we got to experience the wedding.

Overall, Prince Charming is the perfect fluffy read for those wishing to transport to the Scotland and hang out with royalty. However, more character and plot development to would have better supported my reading experience.


 Have you read Prince Charming? Is Her Royal Highness on your TBR? Share in the comments!

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