Book Sleeve Wishlist & Collection

If there’s one bookish trend that has taken over my reader soul, it’s book sleeves. I didn’t start purchasing book sleeves until last year, but I can 100% say that they are worth the investment.In my experience, they have definitely prevented my books from being damaged in my bags. My book sleeves have becen the most useful when I bring books back and forth between home and college and on trips basically anywhere (the beach, the city, class, etc.)

Right now I have three book sleeves: 2 XLs (the Alice Print from Amazon and this fun summer pattern) from Book Beau and one from Amazon:



I think it’s about time to buy my first sleeve of 2019, so today I’ll be walking you through my book sleeve Wishlist.

Book Beau: Library Card


This book sleeve takes me back to my elementary school trips to the school library. As much as I love my library card, I would love for books to still have these logs.

For Book Beau, my favorite size is the XL (perfect for hardbacks and even two paperbacks), but I’ve been wanting to try the Jumbeau (it has a zipper!).

Book Beau: Due Dates

Book Beau is seriously speaking to the library lover in me!


StoryTimeSleeve: Puppy Love

This sleeve would be the perfect compliment for Morgan Matson books featuring dogs on the covers.

FandomSleeves: Harry, Ron & Hermoine

I’ve always loved Harry Potter chibi. This sleeve would also compliment my HP-inspired bookstagrams

Book Beau: Wizardy Print

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 5.42.31 PM

I love Book Beau’s Amazon store, having received the Alice Print for Christmas. The Wizardy print again just speaks so well to Harry Potter.


Do you have any book sleeve? What’s you favorite place to purchase them? Share in the comments!

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