A NEW FAVORITE BOOK: The Wicked King Review

Since The Wicked King is the sequel to Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince, I will not be providing a summary. For my The Cruel Prince thoughts, check out my mini review.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


Cover Lust?: Yes! I love the similarities to The Cruel Prince’s cover and the nods to what happens in the book

My Thoughts:

As many of you know, Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince took over the online book communities in 2018. The hype for TCP definitely pulled me in, and while I did enjoy it, I wasn’t head-over-heels in love unlike many readers. Until The Wicked King came along.

I can 100% say that it was worth surviving a mosh pit at Book Expo 2018 to get an ARC of The Wicked King because this book is freaking fantastic. While it was the first 2019 release that I’ve read so far, I can easily say it’s one of the best 2019 releases.

I don’t know if it’s because The Wicked King is obviously the sequel to TCP and we’re already familiar with these characters and their story, but I found myself quickly falling back into Elfhame. I didn’t reread TCP before TWK, but I think Holly Black did a really nice job of transitioning readers back into this world and reiterating TCP’s ending. While we spend more time in Elfhame in this installment, I still really enjoyed the balance between the Faerie and mortal worlds. While I’ve read a few fantasy about Fae and other mystical creatures, Holly Black’s take on the Fae is really unique and atmospheric. I often found myself longing for Oriana and Jude’s dresses.


Now let’s get to one of my new-found YA “ships” (if you can call them that), Jude and Cardan. Jude and Cardan are such complex characters. I loved any scene with Cardan, and I loved how we get to learn more of his backstory. Jude experiences even more high-stakes tests in this installment, and I loved seeing her establish power and influence amongst the Faeries. So much of their dialogue together was filled laugh-out-loud sarcasm, and SO MANY moments throughout made my jaw drop. Holly Black definitely ensures that readers are on the edge of their seats.

Along with Cardan and Jude, I loved getting to know The Folk of Air cast more and getting to meet some new characters. It was fun being reunited with the Court of Shadows, with the Bomb being my personal favorite. I’m pretty sure I’m not the biggest Locke and Taryn fan, and much like Jude, I still can’t figure out how I feel about Madoc. In addition, we learn more about Nicasia and the Undersea, which means mermaids in the Faerie world! I’m a huge The Little Mermaid fan, but let me tell you, the mermaids in TWK are nothing like Ariel and her friends.

 Overall, I fell in love with The Wicked King for getting to reunite with these characters, seeing Jude transform into an even stronger character, and all the jaw-dropping moments. I don’t how I’m going to be able to wait until 2020 to read The Queen of Nothing!

This review is based on an advance reading copy. By no means did receiving this ARC affect my thoughts or opinions.


Have you read The Cruel Prince? How excited are you for The Wicked King? Share in the comments!

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