My Favorite Holiday Movies & TV and Christmas Watchlist

One of my things to do in December is rewatching my favorite Christmas movies or holiday-themed TV episodes. With plenty of hot chocolate and popcorn for company. Today I’m going to be discussing my favorite holiday movies and TV, along with *gasp* some I still haven’t seen.



Love Actually– I love movies that follow multiple storylines that somehow all connect at the end (hello New Year’s Eve and What to Expect When You’re Expecting), and Love Actually is absolutely classic. I’m so happy that it’s been on Netflix for all of the rewatching glory, and I may have bought it on DVD for a Secret Santa gift. Basically, it’s my goal in life to get everyone to love this movie.

Home Alone & Home Alone 2 You’ll probably begin to realize that I have a thing for ‘90s and 2000s movies (I have a love/hate relationship with many of today’s fluffy Christmas movies). Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (let’s not talk about the other sequels) are from of my favorite Christmas movies from my childhood. I can easily watch these anytime of year.

Arthur Christmas– I love animated movies, so I have notshame in saying that I loved and watched Arthur Christmas as an eighteen-year old when I first watched it two Christmases ago. As Santa’s very festive son, Arthur is just so flipping cute and this movie overall is just so heartwarming.



The Santa Clause & The Santa Clause 2– Speaking of Santa Claus, The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2 are another two of my childhood favorites. My family has a tradition of watching them on Christmas Ever every year (we watch A Christmas Story while we decorate our tree).

Gremlins– Definitely getting away from those cozy Christmas feels, but Gremlins is just such a fun (and jump scary) movie. Plus how could you not love Gizmo??



Elf – I totally agree with the fact that Elf is considered to that the best Christmas film of the century and that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

The Princess Switch– As I mentioned above, I’m not the biggest fan of fluffy Christmas movies (aka Hallmark specials or as much as I appreciate book to movie adaptations, those based on Harlequin romances). However, The Princess Switch took me for surprise.  just really loved Vanessa Hudgens as its star, and most of the humor was cute instead of cringe-worthy.


Glee S2 “A Very Glee Christmas” and S3 E9 “Extraordinary Christmas”– While I love  the music from all the Glee Christmas specials, I also just genuinely loved Season 2 and 3’s specials as episodes themselves. While nothing too significantly happened in either of them, I always loved Rachel and Finn’s moments. The S2 Christmas album is definitely my favorite.

Full House S6 E12 “A Very Tanner Christmas”- Full House has three Christmas episodes, but “A Very Tanner Christmas” has always been my favorite. I love the scene with the Santas at the Tanner Christmas party- another moment where DJ and Steve stole my heart- and the snow scene in the backyard.



Parks & Recreation S5 E9 “Ron and Diane”– “Ron and Diane” is one of my all time favorite Parks and Rec episodes. The episode follows Ron receiving an award with Leslie, Diane, and Tammy at the ceremony, while the rest of the characters go to Jerry’s Christmas party. I think my favorite part is Andy realizing that Santa has made an appearance at Jerry’s party.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3 E “Yippie Kayak”- Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Christmas special is one of my favorite episodes, and its Die Hard (another Christmas movie I like!) situation makes it all the more funnier.

My To-Watch List

A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding– Netflix’s A Christmas Prince is another fluffy Christmas movie I actually enjoyed, so of course I have to watch the sequel!

The Family Stone – Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my favorite actresses, so I’m looking forward to watching it.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Holiday Special– As someone who has been really disappointed by Riverdale, I enjoyed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a lot more than I expected. I’m excited to see where the series goes with its holiday special on December 14.




What are some of your favorite Christmas movies and episodes? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Movies & TV and Christmas Watchlist

  1. Elf is my mom’s favorite Christmas movie of all time, even though she only discovered it like 4 years ago. She records it the first time it’s played on TV in December and then plays it EVERY SINGLE DAY until Christmas (she doesn’t sit down and watch it every day; sometimes it’s just on while she makes dinner or does chores, but it’s on). I can probably quote that movie word for word by now.

    My personal favorite specials are those old clay-mation ones, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Year Without a Santa Claus. They just always bring me back to being a kid and I love curling up with coco and watching them

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