Crazy Rich Asians: Book Vs. Movie

2018 has been filled with some pretty amazing book to movie adaptations, and Crazy Rich Asians is no exception. Me being the fangirl that I am, I had to read the book before I saw the movie. I obviously loved both book and film, but today I’m going to be discussing which bookish or movie elements I liked better, and whether book or movie is the ultimate Crazy Rich Asians winner in my fangirl heart.


Laugh-out-loud funny: BOTH

Both book & movie are absolutely hilarious. Book-wise, so much of the humor comes from ALL the characters’ dialogue and he ridiculousness of their lives. The movie is again laugh-out-loud funny, my favorite characters being Oliver and Peik Lin.

Family’s Character Development: BOOK

I loved how the book jumped from perspective to perspective, allowing the reader to get to know so much of the Young clan. While their depiction was spot-on in the movie, I wish we got to spend more time with Astrid, Eleanor, and even Eddie’s family. Also, where was Nick’s dad?

Rachel’s Development Character: MOVIE

The movie spends much more time with Rachel and Nick than the book, as the book more so follows his family’s reactions to Rachel and their own storylines. Played by Costance Wu, Rachel was a strong female protagonist, with tons of humor of her own. I also like how the movie showed a bit more of Rachel’s professor side, and I loved the addition of her study on game theory.


Best Peik Lin: MOVIE

Peik Lin, played by Awkwafina, was even funnier on screen. Her family was even more ridiculous than I could have imagined (what else could you expect from Ken Jeong as her dad?).

My Jealously over Astrid’s jewelry collection: BOTH

Seriously, I need Astrid’s earrings and wardrobe ASAP.

The wedding ceremony: MOVIE

Colin and Araminta’s wedding was absolutely stunning, and its beauty made Rachel and Nick’s moment all the more sweeter.

The wedding reception: BOOK

Sorry movie, but I was so much more impressed with the wedding’s weekend long events in the film. I wanted more drama with Kitty, although one aspect involving Kitty and someone who is not Alistair have a funny moment.

Food: BOTH

Crazy Rich Asians overall just made me hungry, between Nick and Rachel’s adventures exploring Singapore’s food stalls and the lavish dinners at Ama’s house.

Winner:  BOOK

Even with its 500+ page length, Crazy Rich Asians just completed sucked me in its glitzy and funny story. The ride isn’t even over yet, with China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems on my TBR.

However, I was really impressed with Crazy Rich Asians not only as an adaptation, but also as a movie itself! It really helped me visualize the book’s world. People who have no interest in reading the book would still absolutely love this film. Although its ending is slightly altered from the book’s, does the book trilogy mean were going to get two more movies??

Have you read or watched Crazy Rich Asians? Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments!

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