25 Fangirl Facts About Me

Across many book blogs, one of my favorite posts to read is 25 Bookish Facts About Me. I actually did two parts myself, Part 1 in June 2017 and Part 2 in July 2018. While reading is an integral aspect of my lifestyle, as you also probably know, I can get quite fangirlish about frankly anything. Today I’m going to be sharing 25 fangirl facts about me that aren’t necessarily book related.


  1. I’ve only seen two movies twice in the theater, which were Catching Fire and Mockingjay-Part 1.
  2. I’d love to one day attend YALLFest, a YA book festival in Charleston, South Carolina.
  3. My all-time favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation include “Leslie and Ron”, “Moving Up”, “Flu Season 2”, “The Comeback Kid”, “Bus Tour”, “Ann and Chris”, and “London Parts 1 & 2”. So basically all of them.
  4. Right after Parks and Recreation, my all-time favorite TV show is Full House. I’d watch it in the morning on Nickelodeon before school, and I collected each season on DVD as they came out. After watching them so much, some of the DVDs definitely need to be replaced.
  5. My favorite season of Full House is Season 6. How could you not love Disney, prom, DJ and Steve, and a flight to New Zealand?
  6. I live in fear that Parks & Rec will be taken off Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  7. I’ve never gone to a movie by myself
  8. I’ll be forever grateful to my dad for being a real trooper and taking me to see The Prince Diaries 2 in theaters
  9. I dressed up as “You Belong With Me” Taylor Swift for Halloween in 2017tswiftj.jpg
  10. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel. The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite movies growing up.
  11. I still haven’t seen the new Annie. I feel like I’m cheating on the original, another one of my favorite childhood movies.
  12. Speaking of Annie, I’ve been to the location they used for Daddy Warbuck’s house and the outdoor space for the final scene in the film.
  13. I want to go to California for many reasons, but I’d love to go to San Francisco for the Full House house and street and the Redwood Forest to recreate Ben and Leslie’s scene.
  14. Before I discovered Booktube, I mostly just watched some of the main British Youtubers, Jenna Marbles and Nerdy Nummies
  15. I still follow some of the British Youtubers, but I really only stay up-to-date with Zoella and MoreZoella
  16. I’d also love to go to the Pacific Northwest to go to Funko Headquarters in Everett, Washington
  17. As a kid and early teen, I think I was more of a Nickelodeon fan than Disney Channel. My favorite nick shows included Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and iCarly. I’ll still watch them on Teen Nick!
  18. I drove to four different stores to find Rolling Stone’s Ultimate Taylor Swift Guide. I really wanted for their ranking of her songs
  19. My first concert was Avril Lavigne and Gavin DeGraw
  20. If I could see the same band in concert again, it’d have to be Paramore
  21. My favorite TV shows of 2018 include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Friday Night Lights and Dynasty
  22. As of November 2018, I’ve seen 7 Broadway shows: Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, Hamilton, Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, Carousel, and The Band’s Visit 
  23. The book that I own the most copies of is Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On
  24. I am a firm believer that adult coloring books are amazing
  25. I love reality TV shows about weddings and big families. TLC anyone?

12 thoughts on “25 Fangirl Facts About Me

  1. Fun article!

    I loved Parks and Recreation. I think if it was ever taken off it would probably be transferred to Hulu, that happened with 30 Rock awhile ago. So it’ll still be somewhere, LoL.

    I love Broadway! That’s so cool that you saw those shows. I loved The Band’s Visit! I was so happy to see that win the Tony last season. This season has so many shows coming. I get overwhelmed cause I want to see them all, LoL. What’s the next show you might see? I saw the first performance of Head Over Heels in June. It’s closing in January, such a great show if you can make it to it. I also saw The Prom on my Birthday awhile ago, and definitely recommend! So good and so much fun! Definitely a contender for this year’s Tonys.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I actually saw that last May. It was such a well done stage adaptation of the film. “I’d Rather Be Me” was definitely one of the best new musical theater songs of 2018. Anytime you need suggestions of what shows are worth seeing don’t hesitate to ask =).


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