How to Read in the Pool

In many of my blog posts this summer, I’ve mentioned how I’ve been doing a lot of reading by the pool. Don’t worry, this beach girl has been to the shore plenty of times this season. But between my internship and work schedules, family, some really fun events, and LIFE, I’ve found wanted to relax at home near the books and pool a bit more.

And when often when I say reading by the pool, I really mean reading in the pool. I consider myself to be many things: reader, fangirl, sister, Pawnee goddess, and QUEEN OF POOL READING. One of my best bookish friends IRL thinks I’m crazy for getting my books near the water, but I do some of my best reading while floating around. I think it’s mostly comes from the fact that I’m multi-tasking (girl has to get her summer tan somehow!) and don’t have my phone or laptop within reach. Sorry, but how to blog in the pool won’t be coming from me anytime soon.

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to read in the pool without getting your book wet. Okay, maybe how to avoid minimal damage because there are plenty of moments where I have to duck under water in fear of being stung by a bee.

What You Need:

  • A Pool. I feel like reading could also work in a hot tub without all the bubbles or a river/lake? Where it won’t work: the ocean or any setting that involves waves or splashing and not being able to maintain balance
  • Swimming attire. I’ve found most of my bathing suits at Old Navy and Kohls, and a ton of my friends recommend Target
  • A raft or tube/floatie. I personally like reading on a raft so I can easily tan on my back or stomach. If it’s a strong sun day, I like to sit in a floating chair that keeps you half in the water and cool.
  • 1-2 beach towels
  • Sunglasses (optional)
  • Hat (optional)


Reading tan lines are a thing, trust me.


Step 1. Have your raft near the entry point of your pool. For me, this is by the ladder.

Step 2. Place your book and towel(s) in a place where you can easily reach them from in the pool and on the raft. I usually keep my book wrapped in one of the towels on top of the ladder or on the ledge.


Step 3. Get on the raft. Try not to get too much water on it, especially if you plan on reading on your stomach (further instructions for backside reading ahead). Make sure the raft stays near to where your books and towels are.

Step 4. Odds are you and the raft did get wet while getting aboard. Take one of the towels and dry off your hands. If you plan on reading on your stomach, try and wipe as much water off at the head of the raft. I recommend bringing two towels for this process because the towel is most likely going to get soaked (especially if you drop it right in the water like I often do…).

Step 5. Book time! Grab your book and get reading! If you are reading on your stomach, I recommend taking one of your towels, laying it across the head of your raft, and laying your book on the towel. The corner of the towel will likely get wet, depending on the size of your draft, but the book should stay safe! I recommend also wearing a hat and/or sunglasses. Sunlight + paper= brightness.

For flipping while reading

So your back is starting to feel a bit red? If only they made sunscreen that lasts long enough for marathon reading! Whether you’re flipping from your stomach to back or vice-versa, these steps should hopefully make for keeping your book safe as possible. Unless you have zero balance like yours truly.

Step 1. Get your book to a safe and dry place, preferably where you first had it at your entry point. If you were reading on your stomach, move your towel also.

Step 2. FLIP WITHOUT FLOPPING INTO THE WATER LIKE YOURS TRULY. If you anticipate falling into the water, make sure your book is a splash-free zone

Step 3. Repeat steps 4 & 5 from above.

Fangirl Fury is not responsible for any damage to your while reading in the water. Enter with your fictional BFFs at your own risk.

Do you read in the pool? Any tips? Share in the comments!

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