It’s official: slowly, but surely I am becoming a summer TBR person! After creating a July TBR and sticking with it for the most part, I decided to create an August TBR. This is a disclaimer mostly to myself that I may read all, more, or less of the books listed below. I am going on vacation for a few days this month and I’ll be heading back to school in a few weeks *le sigh that I probably won’t be reading 10+ books a month between 3 jobs, 5 classes, and all the fun college things for the rest of the year* (but I am excited for me and my roommate’s plan to catch up on Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale).

In other fun TBR news, 2018 will be my first year participating in Read.Sleep.Repeat’s ARC August Reading Challenge.  The goal of the challenge is to read as many of your advance reading copies as you can. There’s also a readathon, bookish bingo, and plenty of fun giveaways in store for participants too!I gratefully have a few fall and winter ARCs on my TBR, and I plan on at least reading 7 ARCs this month along with some backlist titles.


People Kill People by Ellen Hopkins (September 4)- Ellen Hopkins is a well-respected author in the book community and in my friend group, not to mention an author I haven’t read yet.

Sadie by Courtney Summer (September 4) – Everyone needs a good thriller, and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Sadie.

Unclaimed Baggage by Jenn Doll (September 18)- My contemporary mood is still very much alive this summer-when is it not? Unclaimed Baggage follows three teens who work in a store with the same title, and so many of the reviews I’ve seen so far discuss how cute it is! I mean how could it not be with that cover?


Pride by Ibi Zoboi (September 18)- I am here to admit that I have never read Pride and Prejudice, but I am ready to read this Pride and Prejudice retelling.

The War Outside by Monica Hesse (September 25)- Another one of my most anticipated 2018 releases, Monica Hesse is one of my favorite historical fiction authors.

Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman (October 2)- Dry is easily one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and I’m still figuring out how I didn’t immediately read this one after Book Expo. I’m really excited to see this collab between father and son, Neal and Jarrod Shusterman.

Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky (November 6)- Mammoth is another book I am so excited to read, and all of the amazing early reviews I’ve seen makes me want to pick it up immediately! A fashionista and paleontologist MC? I’m ready!



The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir- This book sounds too much like a TLC show about a BIG, conservative family to pass up.

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover – I’ve decided to give Colleen Hoover another shot with her latest release, All Your Perfects. After having mixed feelings about the relationships in It Ends With Us and November 11, I decided to give her books a break for a while. I think All Your Perfects will either encourage me to pick up more of her books or stop me from picking up anymore.

Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett- Starry Eyes has me really excited to read Alex Approximately, especially since so many of my fellow blogger friends love it!

What books are on your August TBR? Are you participating in ARC August? Share in the comments!


11 thoughts on “SO WE’RE DOING THIS: August (ARC) TBR

  1. I had no idea ARC August was a thing, but I had been planning on reading at least a few ARCs this month because I’m behind on them, so maybe I’ll add even more to the TBR! I think at least 3 of my ARCs publish on September 4th, so it’s sort of important that I get to them this month. Also, I just read The Book of Essie this month and it was amazing, so I hope you’ll love it.

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    • This is my first time participating, and I’m excited because I slowly feel myself falling behind on my Book Expo books (but I also don’t want to rush through them???). Ah reader/blogger problems! And that’s so good to hear, just waiting for The Book of Essie to come in from my library!

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  2. I am SOOO excited to hear what you thought of all of your ARCs for this month. I tried to get the War Outside but was turned away, lol. But Mammoth sounds fun too and the Baggage one! The readathon sounds fun! I need to check it out and see if I can participate, thanks for sharing Haley! ❤

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    • I think I originally requested The War Outside too, but luckily they were giving it out of Book Expo. Hope you can join, and as always no problem Dani!

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