ELIZAAAAA: Love & War Review

Summary: As the Revolutionary rages on, newlyweds Alexander and Eliza Hamilton are determined to truly start their life together. But when Alex is pulled to the battlefield by his own wish and Eliza is needed at her family’s estate, the two are  forced to fight for a better future- for their country and their marriage. As the war comes to a close, Alex and Eliza’s marriage is again threatened. Eliza struggles to build a home for herself and the couple in New York City, while Alex is swamped in his law practice, especially when a trial bring his against his greatest rival, Aaron Burr.

 My Rating: 3/5 Stars


My Thoughts:

I’m completely overdue for some Hamilton fangirling. Am I only the person who hears Lin/Alexander’s “ELiZaaAAAAAA” from “It’s Quiet Uptown” when they think of her? I think after I finish writing this review, I’ll be exploring Red Bubble for some Eliza stickers like it.

After loving Melissa de la Cruz’s Alex & Eliza last summer, I was really looking forward to picking up the sequel, Love & War. While I enjoyed Love & War for certain reasons, this one unfortunately didn’t live up to Alex & Eliza for me.

Once again, I lovedddd Eliza. My favorite part about reading this now-series is getting to learn more about Eliza, who we relatively spend little time with in Hamilton: An American Musical. Yes, even I admit that there is some moping from her about her marriage with Alex and how little time the newly married couple gets to spend with one another, but I honestly enjoyed Eliza’s “slower” chapters. It was fun seeing her with her family at the Pastures and getting to start a new life in New York City. Outside of being a bit frustrated with her husband, I think Eliza truly is an intelligent and strong protagonist. And don’t be fooled by Peggy and Angelica, this girl has plenty of sass.


And now on what or who most disappointed me about Love & War: Alex.

I didn’t mind reading both Alex and Eliza’s perspectives in Alex & Eliza, but almost from the get-go, I was not here for Alex’s POV. I skim read at least two of his chapters and those chapters were probably two most important chapters in his storyline. And I never skim read unless I’m reading for school. I really wasn’t interested in the battles and while I didn’t mind learning about Alex’s law practice, I was often left bored during the court trial. From loyalists to important government folk, I also lost track of all the people Alex refers to.

While I love Eliza’s speech and sass at the very end of the book, the ending just felt so flat to me. In my opinion, it’s true purpose was to provide for a easy sequel to the third book. I’ve seen a few other bloggers say this about Love & War and even reading the book’s blurb, the book is sort’ve anticlimactic. As a contemporary reads girl, I can deal with anticlimactic; give me all the fluff. I enjoyed seeing the more mundane and yes, romantic, things, like Alex and Eliza sneaking off to a corner during a party or buying furniture together for their new home. But when it comes to historical fiction and Love & War, so many of the “big” moments the book’s blurb promises just fell flat.

Overall, I enjoyed Love & War for Eliza’s perspective, but I was not into Alex’s POV and storyline in this one. Given’s Melissa de la Cruz’s past work, I’m not really surprised Alex & Eliza is turning into a full-fledged series. Being the Hamilton trash that I am, I will most likely be reading the next book, and I wouldn’t mind just getting Eliza’s POV in that installment.

Have you read Love & War? Are you a Hamilton fan? Share in the comments!

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