New Fictional BF & A Dream Library: Strange the Dreamer Review

 Summary: Since he was five years old, junior librarian Lazlo Strange’s dream has been to travel halfway across the world to find the lost mystic city of Weep. What happened in Weep two hundred years ago that cut it off from the world? Why can’t anyone speak its true name? When the opportunity to presents itself in the form of a legend named Godslayer and his band of warriors, Lazlo has to seize on the chance or lose his dream forever. Answers and more mystery awaits in Weep, including the blue-skinned goddess who appears in Lazlo’s dreams.

Cover Lust? This should be classified as Cover Thoughts instead, because why are the UK editions of Strange the Dreamer so much nicer than the US editions?? Even the UK ARCs of Muse of Nightmares have sprayed pages! I bought the US paperback, which matched the UK hardcover, and I wish the hardcover US edition of MoN matched the UK edition. I don’t hate the US covers buuutttt why can’t we have Watersones or W.H. Smith here?

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


My Thoughts:

If there’s one way to define Fangirl Fury’s 2018 so far, it’s should be by all the sci-fi/dystopian books that she avoided in 2017 and ended up LOVING them in 2018. See exhibit A: Neal Shusterman’s Scythe. If we need to name an Exhibit B, it hands-down has to be Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer. Honestly, I have to first thank so many of you, especially Emily from @scytheemily, for screaming at me in the comments telling me to read Strange the Dreamer ASAP.

I have a love or like relationship with plenty of fantasy and high-fantasy books, and Strange the Dreamer is most definitely a loveeeeeeeee. While it’s not the only reason, this may have to do with my loveeeeeeeee for Lazlo. You had me at junior librarian. And librarian who then travels through the world and gains strength and a tan while doing so. In multi-perspective books or even books with one POV from a male character, I admit that I find myself relating or caring about the female(s) POVs. But Lazlo was not the case. I loved learning more about Weep for his knowledge, but getting to experience the city alongside from him. Laini Taylor really makes you feel as if you’re getting to see Weep for the first time too.

I never really thought about the title that is Strange the Dreamer until I started reading, and while we do have a full cast of characters with plenty of different third-person POVs, this is Lazlo’s story. I really couldn’t imagine a different title. I can’t wait to explore more of his past and of course present in Muse of Nightmares.

But let’s not forget about Sarai and the godspawn. Am I the only person who is literally terrified of Minya??? I really enjoyed learning about the godspawn and their horrific past. And their Well, maybe except Minya because the whole controlling ghosts thing is a bittttt creepy. Just a bit. If I could have one of their powers, I think I’d have to go with Sarai. Or maybe Sparrow so I could grow myself strawberries whenever I want. I think it’s so much cooler than getting to read people’s thoughts. Getting to visit people’s dreams?? LAZLO’S DREAMS?!? Minus the whole Muse of Nightmares thing.  Among this full cast, there’s plenty of interesting characters. I’m really interested in seeing Eril-Fane’s role in the next installment (will his mom also be there??) and I loved Calixte.

While I did lose track of some of the terminology and what was happening in the action sequence near the end, the ending/ last 50 pages of Strange the Dreamer left me screaming. I won’t go into it for the sake of spoilers, but holy gods, it’s time to pick of Muse of Nightmares NOW! Overall, I am so glad I read Strange the Dreamer for pushing me more into high fantasy and this unique world and story.

Have you read Strange the Dreamer? How excited are you for Muse of Nightmares? Share in the comments!

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