Escaping the Hype: How to Find Non-Blog Book Recommendations

Many of us readers obviously turn to book blogs and Booktube for book recommendations- and sometimes the best cookie or cake recipe. It’s a known fact that we need the most sugary best form of energy for reading.

But whether its for review purposes, blog tours, sponsorships, etc., sometimes the same books are being hyped up and discussed across the various book communities. I myself  am also guilty of this—hyped books are often hyped for VERY good reasons—and I often find myself wanting to read books that maybe aren’t taking over social media feeds.

Today, I’m going to discussing how you can find book recommendations outside of the book blog sphere. I use these resources myself and I hope that they can also help you in your TBR adventures.


It’s in the blurbs. A book’s cover art can be oh-so gorgeous and distracting. But take a step back and look at the blurbs on the dust jacket, especially if you’re enjoying you read a lot. Often, these authors’ own work is similar to the title you’re reading. It’s a great way to discover new authors, and it’s also really fun to see authors that you know and love have such kind words to say about your current read! Besides its college YA vibes, one of the reasons why I’m excited to pick up Mary H.K. Choi’s Emergency Contact is because of Rainbow Rowell’s blurb!

Check out book publications, magazines, and websites. They’ll often provide the latest releases in a variety of age categories and genres, and they tend to highlight backlist titles. Your local library also may have printed magazines, like Book Page. My favorites include:

Take a trip to the bookstore or library. This is me giving you permission to break your book-buying ban, as well as encouraging you to support your local library. If you’re in need of some TBR inspiration, I recommend going to either book haven with no books in mind.

Just explore the shelves and pick up whatever peaks your interest. If you’re tentative about buying a book that you have no idea what it’s about, I recommend going to the library and checking it out. And if you love that book and it becomes a favorite, you could always then go buy your own copy! I’ve done this with many of the books on my shelves at home.


I can name at least 10 books on these shelves that I originally borrowed from the library and then bought my own copy.

See what books your favorite authors are talking about on social media. I love following authors on social media, especially on Twitter, to stay up to date on their own work and to see what books they’re excited about! I remember picking up The Mothers because I saw Nina LaCour and Rainbow Rowell reading it, and I don’t know if I would’ve discovered Monica Hesse’s books without Ruta Sepetys!


Where do you look for book recommendations?  Share in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Escaping the Hype: How to Find Non-Blog Book Recommendations

  1. I’m terribly guilt about browsing the library or bookstore to find new books! I love doing this and many times libraries get reject covers (cause cheaper!) so you could find a gem in ugly packaging! I didn’t think about following authors on twitter for recommendations, that’s another great idea! Thanks Haley ♥️

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    • Yes! And I’ve noticed that here in the US, even Barnes and Noble is starting to do more sales on “damaged” books in store! No problem, glad I could help you find more recs!


  2. I tend to find backlist titles and new finds at my local used book store. I browse for hours and pick up anything that looks interesting and it’s cheap!

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  3. Bookstores can be a great way to find a new book, because the displays or deal tables can be AMAZING, depending on your bookstore of choice. I always love employee recommendation displays, because a lot of the time they recommend unique books that I haven’t heard of before.

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  4. I actually used to get plenty of books off Goodreads, like Goodreads group reads etc. And they are often obscure too! But now I am actually avoiding those because I already have too many books because I’m a blogger and I’m not even looking for them anymore xD

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    • Haha I can totally understand that! I’m in a few Goodreads groups, but I always forget how great of a resource they can be!


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