April Snow Showers?? :TBB Asks Spring Edition

 The Blended Blog’s TBB Asks series is always a fun way for me to jump into a new season. And I need a lot of motivation this spring, between the final month of the spring semester and the fact that it’s still snowing in April!! I had two snow days last week and I’m quite ready for this winter weather to be over. I already packed away my Uggs, guys!

 What 3 colors remind you most of spring?

Easter probably has something to do with it, but I’m really reminded of pastels, especially pink, yellow, and blue.

What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in spring?

Overall in spring, I go for lighter and less bulky outfits, but this year I’ve broken out my sneakers! Sneakers, especially Nike and Adidas, have really been on trend this year outside of the workout world. On Easter, I added these pink Adidas to my wardrobe and they’ve become my go-to shoes.


What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in the spring?

Uggs! I spent some time last weekend putting my Uggs away, and while my moccasins and Tasmans are among my all-time favorite shoes, I’m more than happy to put them away in hope of warmer weather.

Who mows the grass where you live?

My dad 🙂

What’s spring like where you live?

I always joke around that we really don’t get a full spring where I live (see mention of two snow days above). We spend the beginning of the season still in winter practically and then jump into summer-like days. By May, we typically hit sixty degrees Fahrenheit or above, but some days can be quite chilly or pure indicators of summer.

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

More daylight! It’s perfect for getting to go for runs after class and I love being able to read using daylight for as long as possible.

Are you a baseball fan?

Yes! I love the New York Yankees, and it was fun to watch a few games over Easter weekend and I love being able to flip a game on while tidying up or doing homework.


Tulips or Daffodils?


Favorite spring activity?

Getting to exercise outside without having to wear at least three layers.

Flowers in the ground or pot?

My mom and I love setting up potted plants and flowers all over our deck.

Car Wash or wash vehicles at home?

Car Wash for the first wash of the season, then wash at home.

When do you pull out your sandals?

The first sixty degree day! And as long as I have a pedicure 😉


Are you a spring person? Share in the comments?

5 thoughts on “April Snow Showers?? :TBB Asks Spring Edition

    • Thanks!! We were supposed to get snow this morning and thankfully it didn’t snow, but now were getting 75 degree weather this weekend?? Thanks for reading!


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