ARC Review: The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

Summary: Laura Cavendish has a successful career, a long marriage to her wealthy husband, and most importantly, her twenty-three year old son, Daniel. Laura and Daniel have a close-knit relationship, so when Daniel falls head-over-heels for Cherry, Laura cannot wait to meet the woman who has captured her son’s heart. She pictures a close relationship with Cherry herself, but there’s just something about Cherry’s possessive nature over Daniel that makes Laura feel uneasy. As lies are told and distrust forms, Laura fears Cherry will become something more than just the girlfriend.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars34616178.jpg

My Thoughts:

From the moment I picked up The Girlfriend, I was addicted. We quickly go from Laura and Cherry’s excitement to meet one another to their lukewarm reactions to fighting over what’s best for Daniel. The story is told through multiple perspectives, specifically Laura, Daniel, and Cherry. I’m glad that we got Cherry’s POV because I feel like it showed her psychotic schemes motivation for wanting to be with Daniel instead of having readers play a guessing game.

One of biggest themes of the novel is wealth; even though he hasn’t asked for too much in life, Daniel has always been extremely wealthy thanks to his parents’ careers, while Cherry has had a less fortunate upbringing. Now working as a real estate agent, she longs for the rich lifestyle of her clients and is ashamed of her mother’s work as a supermarket manager. This difference between Cherry and Daniel is a breaking point for us to either feel sympathetic or not for Cherry. The plus side of having some wealthy characters? Really cool locations, like Laura’s mansion and the family villa in France.

Previously published in the UK, The Girlfriend is promoted as a psychological thriller, and I think the novel fits the genre in the sense that the reader cannot figure out who is more trustworthy, Laura or Cherry? I sided with Laura throughout the novel—I think Cherry freaked me out a tad too much—but there were moments were I questioned Laura’s own motives. I’ve grown to enjoy books with unreliable narrators, and although I suspected that Laura was the more reliable, she was willing to do anything as a helicopter parent. I admit that I wasn’t necessarily mind blown by the end, as Laura and Cherry’s actions were a bit predictable (I totally foresaw the “unforgivable lie” that the book’s blurb promises), but that didn’t prevent me from turning the next page.

Overall, The Girlfriend is the perfect read if you’re looking for a highly-addicting story (perfect for any read-athon) that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

I was sent an Advanced Reader’s Edition of The Girlfriend by Kensington Books. By no means did this affect my thoughts or rating. Thank you Kensington Books!

Have you read The Girlfriend? Do you like psychological thrillers? Share in the comments!

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