The Greatest Spreadsheet You’ll Ever Meet: 2018 Reading with All About Books

A new year means a new year of reading. I love being organized when it comes to the books that I’ve read and for someone whose least favorite subject is math, I love finding out statistical data on my yearly reads.

Most readers tend to use the Goodreads Reading Challenge to track their 2018 reads, but I’ve seen a few people step away from the challenge this year because they do not want to challenge themselves to read a certain amount of books. I myself have taken the Goodreads Reading Challenge less seriously in 2017 and 2018. I really only set the challenge so I can visually see what books I read throughout the year. I also keep track of what I’ve read in my blogging notebook and in an Excel spreadsheet, but for 2018, I wanted something that would do more than track the amount of books I’ve read. How many pages did I read? What genres did I reach most for? Did I read more backlist books or new releases? I could obviously look up this data myself, but I didn’t know how to easily do so.

Enter the 2018 Books Spreadsheet created by All About Books. I discovered this spreadsheet from Kristin of Super Space Chick and Cassie of Bibliomantics’ Spines With Wines End of the Year Liveshow. The 2018 Books Spreadsheet is available for anyone to use—all you have to do is copy the file and All About Books lists all of the instructions you need for downloading and using the spreadsheet.

So why is this the greatest book-tracking spreadsheet ever??

  1. It’s super organized and easy to use! When you enter the spreadsheet, you’ll see the overview page for your reading/stats, and there are tabs at the bottom where you can fill in the books/authors/anything else about your reading that your heart desires.Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.04.21 PM.png
  2. You can basically track any sort of statistics/data about your reading. Want to know how female and male authors you read? How about how many books you borrowed vs. how many books you purchased? Want to track your average rating in a certain genre? You can do it all and more! The instructions on All About Books’ post tells you how to create your own categories using tabs outside of the categories that they have already created.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.03.18 PM.pngfireborder

As you can probably tell, I’ll be using the 2018 Books spreadsheet to track my reading this year and highly recommend you do as well. I have it tagged elsewhere in the post but here is where you can find the spreadsheet:

How do you track your year in reading? Share in the comments!

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