Fall-Themed Q & A

In order to feel a bit more festive for Thanksgiving, today I’ll be doing the Fall-Themed Q & A. I am a huge Christmas fan (reminder that I must do a Christmas or winter Q & A as well!) and the holiday season for me begins on November 1st ,my Spotify Christmas playlist ready to go. As much as I love Christmas, I do love the fall and Thanksgiving, and I see Thanksgiving as the last major fall event. The Fall-Themed Q & A was hosted by The Blended Blog and I was inspired to do this post by Kristin of Super Space Chick.

TBB asks fall.jpeg

Favorite fall sweet treat?

Banana bread! I just starting making banana bread this year and it’s become one of my go-to things to bake. If you’re looking to make your recipe a bit healthier, substitute butter with applesauce!

Red, yellow, or green apples?

Green apples forever! I like red apples as well, but Granny Smiths are my absolute favorite. If I’m looking for something sweet, I love dipping green apples in caramel.

Favorite fall sport?

I love going for walks and runs in the fall because the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.

Best drink for fall?

If I want a festive drink, my go-to is apple cider and I love drinking it with Thanksgiving dinner. I also enjoy the fall for feeling that I can really embrace drinking tea and hot chocolate.

Favorite fall activity?

Spending time outside, whether I’m reading, running, or picking pumpkins

Must have fall purchase?

Cardigans! I recently bought a green cardigan from Forever 21 and I’ve been wearing it at least once a week. I’m really impressed with its quality.

Pumpkins: pick your own or store-bought?

Pick your own!

Real or fake pumpkins?


Favorite Halloween costume?

I was really happy with my costume this year—I dressed up as “You Belong With Me” Taylor Swift. I love home-made costumes over store-bought ones, and one of my all-time favorite costumes was being a scarecrow, put together by my mom.


College football or NFL?

I don’t really watch football, but I’ll go with NFL. If there’s two days that I watch football, it’s Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday.

Fall or Halloween décor?

Halloween décor. I think Halloween décor is really fun, and if you can often implement fall decorations into Halloween, like mums and of course pumpkins.

Raking Leaves or no leaves to rake?

No leaves to rake since I’m at school.

Favorite soup?

Not a soup fan in the least bit.

Favorite fall candle scent?


Love or hate pumpkin spice?

Not the biggest fan of pumpkin flavoring in general, so a no-go for me.

Short booties or tall boots?

I love both, but having an athletic build, I often have trouble finding boots that will fit over my calf muscles, so short boots for me!

Favorite Halloween candy?

Ah this is probably the hardest question on here! This year I went through my sister’s Halloween candy for Twix, but I also love Kit Kats and Hershey’s Cookies and Cream.

PSL? Yes or No?

Confession time: I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte and since I don’t like pumpkin, I think I won’t be trying one for a while.

Hayride or Corn Maze?


Favorite Fall TV Show?

This fall I’ve been keeping up with Riverdale and Season 16 of Project Runway, and I actually enjoyed the first half of season 3 of Fuller House.

9 thoughts on “Fall-Themed Q & A

  1. Oh gosh you should definitely try a PSL! I’m not a fan of pumpkin either but I love PSLs so much! They don’t really taste that much of pumpkin to be honest, I couldn’t taste it anyway. Loved this post – it was such a fun tag! 🙂

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